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Et hät sesch fröhjer Betawiki jenanntd. Ed es ene Plaz för Jroppe un Jemeinschafte vun Övversäzer, för Schprohche un för freije Projramme. Et hät bejunne mem Övversäze för MehdijaWikki. Schpähder kohme däm sing Zohsazprojramme, FreeCol. OpenStreetMap, Etherpad Lite un annder freije un offe Projäkte derbei.

Övver dreihondert Anpaßonge aan Schprohche un Jähjende nöze et als ene Plaz zopaß för ehr Övversäzonge un för zem Zesammewerke un för et Nohhallde vun Neueronge. Mantis, FreeCol, un Mwlib.rl künne och em övversäz wähde. Mih Projäkte künne jähn derbei kumme.

Mer kann beim Övversäze metmaache en jehde Schprohch, di mer kann. De Övversäzonge vun de Bedehnbovverfläsch vum MehdijaWikki en neuje Schprohche för neu vörjeschlonn Projäkte vun de Wikkimehdija_Schtefftong wähde heh och jemaat.

Ed es keijen Deil vun de Wikkimehdija_Schtefftong un ier Projäkte udder vun öhnds_enem anndere freije un offe Projramm_Projäk. Et weed vum Nike un vum Siebrand bedrevve, di beeds Äntwekler vum MehdijaWikki sin, un johrelang Äfahrong han mem Aanpaße vun Projramme an vill Schprohche un verwandte Saache. Projrammtäschnesch weed et Övversäze müjjelesch dorsch e Zohsazprojramm zom MehdijaWikki. is an associated project of non-profit fiscal sponsor called Software in the Public Interest. The translation functionality is provided by a MediaWiki extension.

  • Interwiki link format: [[translatewiki:]] supports in-wiki translation of all the messages of core MediaWiki, extensions and skins. All translation of MediaWiki user interface messages should go through and not committed directly to code. Only the English messages and their initial documentation must be done in the source code.

Core MediaWiki and extensions must use system messages for any text displayed in the user interface. For an example of how to do this, please see Manual:Special pages. If the extension is well written, it will probably be included in in a few days, after its staff notices it on Gerrit. If it's not noticed, contact them. If it's too unstable to be translated, note so in the code or commit and contact them if necessary.

Handling support requests

Translators may have questions about some of the messages you create. provides a support request system that allows translators the ability to ask you, the project owner, questions regarding messages so that they can be better translated. This short tutorial guides you through the workflow of handling support requests.

Overview of the localisation system

Localisation update workflow

As mentioned above, translation happens on and other systems are discouraged. Here's a high level overview of the localisation update workflow:

  • Developers add or change system messages.
  • Users translate the new or changed system messages on
  • Automated tools export these messages, build new versions of the message files, incorporating the added or updated messages, for both core and extensions, and commit them to git.
  • The wikis then can pull in the updated system messages from the git repository.

Wikimedia projects and any other wikis can benefit immediately and automatically from localisation work thanks to the LocalisationUpdate extension.[1]This compares the latest English messages to the English messages in production. If they are not the same, the production translations are updated and made available to users.

Once translations are in the version control system, the Wikimedia Foundation has a daily job that updates a checkout or clone of the extension repository. This was first established in September 2009.[2]

Because changes on are pushed to the code daily as well, this means that each change to a message can potentially be applied to all existing MediaWiki installations in a couple days without any manual intervention or traumatic code update.

As you can see this is a multi-step process. Over time, we have found out that many things can go wrong. If you think the process is broken, please make sure to report it on our Support page, or create a new bug in Phabricator. Always be sure to describe a precise observation.



  1. Which works through the localisation cache and for instance on Wikimedia projects updates it daily; see also the technical details about the specific implementation.
  2. LocalisationUpdate update; LocalisationUpdate is live