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This wiki's fer the documentation, discussion n deveelopment o the MediaWiki saffware, the saffware that pwrs wabsteids like Wikipedia n ither wairks o the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, n moni ither wikis aw ower the Yird. It's kyndlie hoastit bi the Wikimedia Foundation.

Aw textual content o is licensed unner the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) License n the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), except fer pages that expleecitlie state that thair contents ar in the publeec domain. See Project:Copierichts fer ful details. is yinlie fer the documentation o the MediaWiki saffware. haes yinlie the ae tapic: the wiki engine MediaWiki n conectit saffware, lyk extensions n skins. It includes documentation for some related software that runs externally but connects to and relies on a MediaWiki installation.

  • The front door tae compreehenseve MediaWiki seestem admeenistration documentation. will be $man
  • The front door tae MediaWiki genereec steid uieser help will be $help (licensed as publeec domain fer easie inclusion intae onie MediaWiki instance).

This stied incluids descrddptions o n teachins fer the MediaWiki saffware. Gif ye'r etlein tae write ae free manual fer ither saffware, hae ae luik at Wikibooks, ae sister-wairk that's suitit fer sic things.

The tauk aneat Wikimedia wairks in general shid gae tae Meta-Wiki.

Een thooch thaur's some pages in ither leids, Ingils is the foremaist leid oan this steid. Owersetin efforts ar needit.

Whit is no is no Wikipedia
You are currently at a website called Unless you are a software developer or someone who installs computer software, you probably ended up here accidentally. is no the free encyclapædia Wikipedia. Please read this airticle gif ye'r in ae swither aneat the names. Wikipedia is ae wiki that runs the saffware documentit bi this steid. Gif ye'r interestit in helpin oot oan the free encyclapædia, than hae ae luik at the steid itsel.
MediaWiki is not Wikimedia Wikitech is not intended for Wikimedia-specific technical documentation. Please read this article if you are confused about the names and scope. Wikimedia is a group of wikis running some software documented on this site. Please see wikitech:Main Page. is no ae free hoast or wabspace provider
This steid's no meant tae store preevate, commercial or onie ither content that's no relatit tae the MediaWiki safware. N it's no meant tae be uised aes ae test wiki e.g. tae gie formattin ae gae (yinlie uise oor Project:Saunnkist fer that or hae ae luik at oor test wiki) or tae creaute valid XHTML contents fer ootlaunn wairks.
You may not host your own website, homepage, blog, or wiki at If you are interested in using the wiki technology for a collaborative effort on something else, even if it is just a single page, there are many websites that provide wiki hosting, either free or for money. You can also install wiki software on your server; see the Wiki science wikibook for information on doing this.
Mynd ye, uisers can hae thair oin personal pages, but thay'r uised fer information reelevant tae wirkin oan Gif ye want tae mak ae personal wabpage that's no relatit tae MediaWiki, please uise yin o the monie free hamepage giers oan the Internet or fynd ae suitable blog. Advertisin, especialie ootby airtins, can be remuivd fae ae uiser's page whan thaur's nae reelevant contreebutions relatit tae MediaWiki. is no ae repositrie o airtins, eemages, or media files
This steid's no ae mirror or ae repositrie o airtins, eemages, or media files. Please uplaid juist files that ar uissfu fer n gie ful information aneat it's soorce n ae free license; aw ither thing will be delytit. Read the uplaid instructions wi care n conseeder uplaidin media files tae the Wikimedia Commons, whaur thay can be airtit tae fae aw Wikimedia wairks.
Aw content that's eikit tae micht hae to be eeditit wioot mercie, n can be redistreebutit at will. Bi haunnin onie content in, ye'r agreein tae release it fer free uise unner the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License (CC BY-SA) or gif it's statit expleecitlie, aes Publeec Domain. is no aen advertisment buird.
This steid's no tae be uised fer commercial promotion, advertisin, propaganda or advicacie - ither than fer MediaWiki itsel n the Wikimedia wairks. is no ae willie-nillie collection o information
This steid's no ae willie-nillie collection o items relatin tae ilcka wairk that uises MediaWiki saffware. Airticles that deal wi ither saffware issues, or issues wi indiveedual wikis, ar no suitable fer this steid. Please attempt tae consetrate oan the creaution o contents that concern the MediaWiki saffware itsel. is no ae forum or ae bleatherroom
Dinna (mis)uise this steid, especialie the uiser pages n tauk pages, aes ae forum, bulletin buird or bleatherroom. We'v aen IRC channel fer that: $irc-mw.
See n aw the recommendit communications channels. histerie

The first eedit oan the nou wiki oan this steid happened in August 2004. Aw o the content is still n, o coorse, will aye be ae wirk in progress. Fer mair oan the saffware histerie see MediaWiki histerie.


Please see $comm.

See n aw

  • Introduction — monie-page intro tae MediaWiki wi the navigation kist