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What's VisualEditor?
VisualEditor is a software development initiative by the Wikimedia Foundation that will allow people to edit pages in MediaWiki without needing to learn wikitext syntax.

With VisualEditor, formatting pages will work very similarly to a word processor. While editing, the page will look very similar to what the page will look like after it is saved.

Kí nìdí tí a fi ń ṣe ìyípadà yìí?
Asọpọ wiki isamisi wiki ti o ni idiwọn ti ferese iṣatunṣe atijọ ti nlo ni idena ti o tobi julọ lati ṣe atunṣe akọkọ, ati nitori naa idena ti o tobi julọ lati bẹrẹ ipa ọna ti o le mu ẹnikan di elere, ọmọ ẹgbẹ ti o ni iriri agbegbe ṣiṣatunkọ. Lati mu nọmba awọn igbiyanju akọkọ aṣeyọri pọ si ni ṣiṣatunṣe, a nilo eto ṣiṣatunṣe to dara julọ. Jọwọ ka alaye gigun fun awọn alaye diẹ sii.
Where do I go to learn more about using VisualEditor?
Please see the VisualEditor User guide.
When will VisualEditor be enabled on my wiki?
The current schedule for future rollouts is posted at VisualEditor/Rollouts.

More than half of Wikipedias received VisualEditor as an option for all users during 2013. VisualEditor is available as an opt-in Beta Feature to almost all logged-in users at all Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Why are you deploying the software even though development is not finished?
The software has features to be added and issues to be resolved.

Ultimately, the best way to detect bugs and identify missing features is to have as many people as possible using the software and playing with it. While we know that bugs are disruptive in the short term, they will be fixed, and the current use is what lets us identify things that need fixing.

I found an issue with VisualEditor. How can I tell you to fix it?
If you're willing and able, please report the issue in Phabricator in the "VisualEditor" product.

Most large Wikipedias also have a wiki page dedicated to feedback about VisualEditor; see the list on Wikidata. There is also a central feedback page on

How do I disable VisualEditor?
To continue to edit the wikitext directly, simply click the "Àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀" button instead of "Àtúnṣe". On section edit links, you can open the classic wikitext editor for that section by clicking "àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀" instead of the regular "àtúnṣe" link.

On wikis where VisualEditor is still a Beta Feature, you can simply uncheck its box in the Beta tab of your Preferences; on the other wikis, you can check the Temporarily disable VisualEditor while it is in beta box from the Editing tab instead.

Ẹya kan sonu ni VisualEditor. Bawo ni MO ṣe beere lọwọ rẹ lati ṣafikun rẹ?
Diẹ ninu awọn ẹya ti wa ni idagbasoke lọwọlọwọ tabi gbero.

Roadmap, Awọn oju-iwe ibi-afẹde Wikimedia Engineering fun ọdun 2015–2016 ati Phabricator workboard pese alaye ni afikun pẹlu. Ti o ko ba le rii eyikeyi itọkasi si ẹya tuntun ti o fẹ daba, jọwọ fi sii ni lilo ilana kanna ti a lo lati jabo ọran kan.

Will it still be possible to edit using wikitext after VisualEditor becomes the primary editing interface?
Yes. While VisualEditor will eventually be offered to all users by default, a method for editing the underlying “source” text will continue to exist. There are no plans to remove wikitext editing.
Can I use familiar wikimarkup like [[ ]] and {{ }} in VisualEditor?
No. Currently, those shortcuts will trigger the link and the template tool respectively. If you use wikimarkup in the article, a warning message will appear. See VisualEditor User guide for more about how to use VisualEditor.
Why is my browser not supported?
Ṣiṣe agbero iṣatunṣe ode oni fun Wikipedia ati arabinrin rẹ wiki jẹ ipenija imọ-ẹrọ, ṣugbọn o ṣee ṣe ni lilo awọn imọ-ẹrọ wẹẹbu ati awọn iṣedede. Laanu, diẹ ninu awọn aṣawakiri ko ṣe atilẹyin ọpọlọpọ awọn ẹya ti a nilo fun VisualEditor. A n ṣe ohun ti o dara julọ lati ṣe atilẹyin fun awọn aṣawakiri ti o wọpọ julọ: VisualEditor ṣiṣẹ daradara pẹlu awọn ẹya aipẹ ti awọn aṣawakiri wẹẹbu olokiki julọ: Firefox 15 ati si oke; Iceweasel 10 ati si oke; Safari 7 ati si oke; Chrome 19 ati si oke; Opera 15 ati si oke; Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 ati si oke; Eti 12 ati si oke. Ni diẹ ninu awọn aṣawakiri, gẹgẹbi Internet Explorer 9, ifiranṣẹ ikilọ kan yoo tun ṣafihan, ṣugbọn awọn olumulo ko yẹ ki o ni iriri awọn iṣoro pataki eyikeyi ṣiṣatunṣe. Gbiyanju lati ṣiṣẹ ni ayika awọn aropin ti awọn aṣawakiri agbalagba yoo dari awọn orisun lati awọn ilọsiwaju ti yoo ṣe anfani pupọ julọ awọn olumulo. A gba ọ niyanju lati ṣe igbesoke si ẹrọ aṣawakiri ti o ni atilẹyin ati, ti o ko ba le, lati tẹsiwaju lati ṣatunkọ nipa lilo olootu wikitext orisun. (Wo matrix aṣawakiri ibi-afẹde fun awọn alaye ni pato.)
Does VisualEditor work with Wikisource's ProofreadPage, or Wiktionary's templates, and other features that Wikipedia doesn't have?
VisualEditor is flexible enough to be adapted to all Wikimedia sites. However, Wiktionary's heavy reliance on templates will require significant work by community members to provide TemplateData to their users, and Wikisource's ProofreadPage tool will require some additional work to integrate VisualEditor smoothly.
Can I install VisualEditor on my personal wiki outside Wikimedia?
Yes, at your own risk. VisualEditor and Parsoid extensions are available for download but they're still experimental; note that Parsoid requires nodeJS. If you do install and use them, please let us know what worked and what didn't in Phabricator.
Does VisualEditor make automatic fixes to pages?
In most cases, VisualEditor will not make changes to formatting on lines that are not being directly edited. In cases where markup already on the page is handled incorrectly (for example, with tables that are not closed), it may attempt to correct these.
Will the visual editor be enabled on talk pages?
​No. This question comes up quite often.
* Olootu wiwo jẹ apẹrẹ lati ṣatunkọ akoonu, awọn oju-iwe itele ti ọrọ.[1]
    • Talk pages aren't content. Many of the tools and design patterns that make VE nice to use to edit content make it poor to use for discussions.
    • To make it usable for discussions, we would have to remove or break many of those patterns in VE. We have spent a lot of time researching with users what works best there.
  • VE can't deal with structured discussions and plain-text discussions are not structured discussions.
    • Discussions like they are on traditional talk pages are not structured discussions from a technical perspective, despite the fact there is a certain number of colons or bullet points added to each answer to provide a pseudo-structure. With the current design of classical discussions, a piece of software can't know who has replied to whom – only humans can. There is no real connection between posts (which post is the parent/child of which), which is the definition of a structured discussion.
    • At the moment Flow deals with structured discussions. In Flow, each post is independent with a unique ID, linked to other posts and to a Topic (also with a unique ID), with a specific history, and all posts can be targeted precisely. It would be possible in the future to have conversations at multiple places, to move topics or replies, and to create sub-discussions with Flow. Classical talk pages, using VE or not, do not allow that.
My question isn't here. Where do I ask?
You can ask on the VisualEditor feedback page on your wiki (see the list on Wikidata) or on the central feedback page on

Community resources

Where can I read more about what communities can do to adapt the visual editor to their sites?
You can find a sort of "checklist" here on
Where can I find people experienced in this kind of effort?
There is a list of names at Community Taskforce.


  1. Based on James Forrester's message on wikimedia-l mailing-list, June 2016