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För dokumentering av sökfunktionen på Wikimedias wikier, se Help:CirrusSearch .

Det snabbaste sättet att hitta information på MediaWiki är att söka på det direkt. På varje sida finns det en sök-ruta.

Skriv in nyckelord d och fraser och tryck på Enter eller Return eller knappen med förstoringsglaset (eller Sök eller Kör när du använder andra utseenden). Om en sida har samma titel som det du sökte på, förflyttas du direkt dit. Otherwise, it searches all pages on the wiki (with some restrictions, see below), and presents a list of articles that matched your search terms, or a message informing you that no page has all the key words and phrases.

Hur det fungerar

  • Den söker igenom alla sidor på wikin med några undantag.
  • The article content is searched in its raw (wikitext) form - i.e., it searches the text that appears in the edit box when you click "redigera", not the rendered page.

This means that content coming from an included template will not be picked up, but the target of piped links will be.

  • The search functionality can be considered to operate on whole words, separated by spaces or other punctuation marks.

So if your search term includes the word 'book', the results will not include pages that only have the word 'books' or 'booklet'. And if your search term includes the term 'inter', the results will not include pages that only have the word 'international', but they may include pages that have the term 'inter-national'.

  • The results will only include pages that contain all the words in your search.
  • You can search for all words that begin with a prefix by adding * at the end of a word in your query. For example, book* will return results for book and books.
  • You can search for a phrase using double quotes.

A phrase can be considered to consist of whole words, so the phrase 'Prime Minister' will not be found by a search for "ime Min", but it will be found by a search for "Prime Minister".

Restricting the search

If you click the "Sök" button without filling in anything, you will be taken to "Special:Search" which gives you extra searching options (also available from any search results list)

You may find it useful to restrict a search to pages within a particular namespace e.g., only search within the User pages. Check the namespaces you require for this search.

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