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MediaWiki Flower
Fundamental Introduction to MediaWiki

Thaur's several waas tae get in contact wi ither MediaWiki uisers or tae get instant heelp.



Thir's guid first steps:

  • Mak sair that ye hae aen email confirmed n email annooncemants enabled in yer preferances.
  • "Watch" (clap the stair icon o) the pages that ye want tae follae n perhaps contreebute til.
  • Aw the better gif ye fynd ae MediaWiki Groop that matches yer location or interests!


#mediawiki oan is the roond-the-clock IRC channel fer realtime communication. Gif ye dinna hae aen IRC client, uise wab tauk.

  • Please read the FAQ afore speirin.
  • State yer proablem immeedeeatelie n wait fer ae response. Dinna say "is thaur oniebodie here" or "can somebodie heelp me". This is normal IRC etiquette n allous parteecipants tae multítask effecteevelie.
  • Expect tae wait fer ae while fer aen ineetial response, especiallie in aff-peak times. Despite this, oot o courtesie fer the volunteer that's heelpin ye, ettle tae answer thair speirinns promptlie.

Gif ye dinna get aen answer, this coud mean yin o ae nummer o things:

  • Nawbodie wis roond at the time o day that ye chose. Gif the channel is generallie quiet, come back later.
  • Ye'r speirin ae speirin that nawbodie kens the answer tae, or that needs ae lot o wairk tae answer.
  • Ye'r speirin ae speirin that's in the ASS, the help, the manual, or ither documentation, n the volunteers in the channel feel that it wid be best gif ye foond it yersel.

Speirins relatin til proablems wi yer parteecular instawation o MediaWiki ar generallie best answered oan IRC, sin thay aften need ae back-n-forth exchange tae isolate the proablem, this is teedeeoos whan dun oan the mailin leets.

Mailin leets

Get in contact!

Thaur's several mailin leets available. The recommended yins ar:

  • wikitech-ambassadors Announcements about upcoming changes on Wikimedia websites. This list is primarily aimed at end users of Wikimedia wikis, not the MediaWiki software in general.

Please check the archyves first! Aw three leets ar available throo Gmane n aw, this gies access aes newsgroops or in sindrie wab-based formats, n incluids its ain archyves n archyve rake.


Follae the MediaWiki accoonts:

Mair details at Social media .


The Wikimedia Blog haes ae tech section speceeficlie fer news n information fae the Wikimedia Foondation’s Technologie department (link - RSS feed).


Ingils Wikipædia's Signpost haes ae regular technologie report wi content relatit til acteevitie wiin Wikimedia Foondation’s Technologie department. Also see Wikimedia's Tech/News, which covers all the technical activity happening across the Wikimedia movement.


  • Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki wis formerlie whaur documents were managed n proposals were discussed afore this steid wis stairtit. Thaur's still ae heap o content thaur that's no been muived.
  • Pharicator is whaur featur requests n bugs can be reportit or broused.
  • Translatewiki is a MediaWiki site that allows collaborative translation, including of MediaWiki software.


Fer heelp wi the MediaWiki saffware

There are a few forums around the internet where you can get help both with using MediaWiki and with setting up MediaWiki.

Tae tauk aneat this steid,