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Il ha plure manieras de poner te in contacto con altere usatores de MediaWiki o pro obtener auxilio immediate.

Get help or support


Get help both with using MediaWiki and setting up MediaWiki:

Ask any questions related to MediaWiki installations.

Get help as a Wikimedia community member on technical questions related to your Wikimedia wiki.

MediaWiki users forum. (unofficial)

Posts on tagged with #mediawiki. (unofficial)

Reddit's MediaWiki group. Non official


Find help in real time on chat servers. They are sorted by their activity.

Discuss wiki installation, operation, skinning, custom developments. (unofficial) Find out more.

IRC channels
  • [#mediawiki connect #mediawiki] sur es le {{$4|canal IRC}} active continuemente pro communication in tempore real. Si tu non ha un programma IRC sur tu computator, usa le [$3 interfacie web].
  • For MediaWiki software development questions, ask in #wikimedia-dev connect.
  • For technical and software development questions about Wikimedia websites, ask in #wikimedia-tech connect.

Find out more.

For movement-wide discussions, not just technical matters. Find out more.

Get help and discuss as an applicant or participant of Wikimedia's Outreach programs . Find out more.

Listas de e-mail

Post on mailing lists:

$1 (o [[[mail:mediawiki-l|mediawiki-l]] via Gmane]) (o [$3 via tu lector de novas]) es un lista de e-mail multo active pro peter adjuta al uso o installation de MediaWiki.

Discuss MediaWiki and Wikimedia software development on the medium-traffic list wikitech-l.

Il ha plure mailing lists disponibile. Es recommendate le sequentes:

Report software bugs and feature requests

Contact software maintainers

A list of maintainers of Wikimedia software is available at Developers/Maintainers . You can leave a note on their talk page or send them an email to contact them.

If you cannot find the maintainers of a project you are looking for at Developers/Maintainers , try finding the maintainers on the project page of the software on, the project owners of the project on Phabricator , or the contributors to the project on Gerrit .

Learn, explore, and follow

Stay informed about news and changes.

Mailing lists

Subscribe to mailing lists:

mediawiki-announce is a low-traffic list for announcements of new MediaWiki releases and security updates (all messages also go to mediawiki-l).

Annuncios sur cambiamentos imminente sur le sitos web de Wikimedia. Iste lista es visate primarimente al usatores de wikis Wikimedia, non del software MediaWiki in general. This list is aimed at end users of Wikimedia wikis, not MediaWiki software in general. You can also follow these announcements on Wikimedia wikis via Tech News.

Join groups with shared interests

The MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group aims to advocate the needs of MediaWiki users.

The MediaWiki Farmers user group is a group of developers who work on wiki farms.

User Groups are open groups organized by themes and areas of interest.

Special Interest Groups are smaller organized groups focused on shared technical concerns.

Medios social

Seque le contos de MediaWiki:

News from MediaWiki community members (details).

@MediaWiki on Twitter

News from the MediaWiki project.

MediaWiki on Facebook

News from the MediaWiki project.

@WikimediaTech on Twitter

News from the Wikimedia technical movement.

@watchmediawiki on YouTube

Videos and event streams related to MediaWiki and Wikimedia technology.


Read stories:

The Wikimedia Tech Blog shares stories from Wikimedia's technical community across and beyond Wikimedia technology.

* Il ha alcun blogs technic publicar sur Phabricator.

*Le aggregator global de blogs anglophone sur Wikimedia a vices contine material technic insimul con articulos sur le aspectos non technic del projectos Wikimedia.

Littera de novas

Subscribe to Wikimedia newsletters which cover certain areas of technical interest. You may want to first check their archives to see how active a newsletter is.

Share your knowledge

Wikimedia Technical Talks

Give a Technical Talk video presentation. (currently on pause)