Hackathons/Handbook/Communicate with participants

Emails edit

While other channels are useful too, email will be the one channel where you reach all participants. All important information should be sent out via email.

Emails to everyone edit

2 weeks before edit

Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Vienna: Email #1: 2 weeks before

wm2016:Hackathon Email1 2 weeks before

wm2015:Hackathon Email1 2 weeks before

1 week before edit

Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Vienna: Email #2: 1 week before

a few days before edit

Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Vienna: Email #3: 2 days before

Emails to selected participants edit

wm2016:Hackathon Email2 to mentors, a few days before

wm2016:Hackathon Email3 to newcomers, a few days before

For more emails to selected participants, regarding their choices to help out during the event, see this handbook's chapter on Volunteer roles for participants during the event.

Telegram Group Chat edit

To enhance the social experience among participants, the organizers of the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Vienna have created a Telegram Group Chat "Wikimedia Hackathon" @wmhack, which everyone can join via t.me/wmhack. This group can be re-used for other events.

When you announce communication tools/channels/groups/social media (e.g. Telegram, etc.), you should also publicize that all hackathon communication tools are covered by the Friendly Space Policy and Code of Conduct.

Advantages of Telegram: While you need to have a phone number to use Telegram, you do not need to share your number with people (as opposed to e.g. WhatsApp).

What to post on Telegram: Organizers share news and updates via the group, participants can use it for ideas, suggestions, chatter, and to organize themselves.

Set it up in 2 minutes: (If you have Telegram already, you can skip step 1)

  1. Install the Telegram app for your platform (direct links here: AndroidiPhone/iPadWindows PhonemacOSPC/Mac/Linux)
  2. Click the invitation-link to join the group chat directly: bit.ly/joinwmhackchat (this is a shortened url which converts to: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEKHB0ro4AcIPibLaw)
    • or access via t.me/wmhack
    • or find the group chat by searching for "wmhack" or "Wikimedia Hackathon" directly within the app

Social Media edit

For information on more channels to communicate with participants, please read this handbook's chapter on Promotion

Pre Event edit

Suggestions from 2017 Google Summer of Code student: User:Waffles51/Event Participation Strategies