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Hai varias maneiras de contactar con outros usuarios de MediaWiki ou acadar axuda axiña.

Get help or support


Obteña axuda tanto para usar MediaWiki como para configurar MediaWiki:

Pregunte o que queira en relación coas instalacións de MediaWiki.

Obteña axuda como membro da comunidade Wikimedia en cuestións técnicas relacionadas coa súa wiki Wikimedia.

Foro de uso de MediaWiki. (non oficial)

Posts on tagged with #mediawiki. (non oficial)

Grupo MediaWiki no Reddit. (non oficial)


Find help in real time on chat servers. They are sorted by their activity.

Discuss wiki installation, operation, skinning, custom developments. (non oficial) Máis información.

Canles de IRC
  • [#mediawiki connect #mediawiki] en todo o día {{$4|IRC channel}} para comunicación en directo. Se ti queres ter un IRC, emprega [$3 web chat].
  • For MediaWiki software development questions, ask in #wikimedia-dev connect.
  • For technical and software development questions about Wikimedia websites, ask in #wikimedia-tech connect.

Máis información.

Obteña axuda e discuta como solicitante ou participante do Outreach programs de Wikimedia. Máis información.

There are more Telegram chats available.

Listas de correo

Publique nas listas de correo:

$1 (ou [[[mail:mediawiki-l|mediawiki-l]] via Gmane]) (ou [$3 via your newsreader]) é unha lista de correo de alto tráfico pide axuda usando ou axustes MediaWiki.

Discuss MediaWiki and Wikimedia software development on the medium-traffic list wikitech-l.

Hai varias mailing lists dispoñibles. As máis recomendadas son:

Report software bugs and feature requests

Contact software maintainers

A list of maintainers of Wikimedia software is available at Developers/Maintainers . You can leave a note on their talk page or send them an email to contact them.

If you cannot find the maintainers of a project you are looking for at Developers/Maintainers , try finding the maintainers on the project page of the software on, the project owners of the project on Phabricator , or the contributors to the project on Gerrit .

Learn, explore, and follow

Stay informed about news and changes.

Mailing lists

Subscribe to mailing lists:

mediawiki-announce is a low-traffic list for announcements of new MediaWiki releases and security updates (all messages also go to mediawiki-l).

Avisos sobre cambios novos en sites web Wikimedia. Esta lista é primeiramente indicada para usuarios finais de wikis Wikimedia, non a soft MediaWiki en xeral. This list is aimed at end users of Wikimedia wikis, not MediaWiki software in general. You can also follow these announcements on Wikimedia wikis via Tech News.

Join groups with shared interests

The MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group aims to advocate the needs of MediaWiki users.

The MediaWiki Farmers user group is a group of developers who work on wiki farms.

User Groups are open groups organized by themes and areas of interest.

Special Interest Groups are smaller organized groups focused on shared technical concerns.

Social Media

Siga as contas MediaWiki:

News from MediaWiki community members (details).

@MediaWiki on X (formerly Twitter)

News from the MediaWiki project.

MediaWiki on Facebook

News from the MediaWiki project.

News from the Wikimedia technical movement.

@watchmediawiki on YouTube

Videos and event streams related to MediaWiki and Wikimedia technology.


Read stories:

The Wikimedia Tech Blog shares stories from Wikimedia's technical community across and beyond Wikimedia technology.

The English Wikimedia planet blog aggregator contains technical posts mixed with posts about non-technical aspects of Wikimedia projects.


Subscribe to Wikimedia newsletters which cover certain areas of technical interest. You may want to first check their archives to see how active a newsletter is.

Share your knowledge

Wikimedia Technical Talks

Give a Technical Talk video presentation. (currently on pause)