Hou tae report ae bug

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Phabricator is for software bug reports, feature requests, and planning work.
  • To ask technical questions about Wikimedia projects, see m:Tech
  • To ask technical questions about MediaWiki in non-WMF installations, see Project:Support desk

Thir guidelines explain hou tae screeb ae guid bug report or featur request (ae task) in Wikimedia's task tracker (see Phabricator fer mair information). Well-wrutten tasks ar mair liklie tae be worked oan. Tasks need tae be wrutten in Ingils. Gif ye canna write in Ingils, gie uisin ae machine owersetin tuil like Google Translate ae shot.

Quick recommendations

  • Be precise
  • Be clear: explain hou tae reproduce the proablem, step bi step, sae that ithers can reproduce the bug, or unnerstann the request
  • Incluid yinlie the ae proablem per report
  • Incluid onie reelevant airtins n exaumples
  • Be clear: explain 1) how to reproduce the situation, step by step, without leaving any room for interpretation, 2) expected behavior, 3) actual behavior. In separate sections
  • Include only one specific bug or one specific feature request per task
  • Include any relevant links and examples

Afore ye dae oniething

Can ye reproduce the issue?

Gie reproduicin yer bug ae shot uisin ae recynt version o the safware, tae see whither it haes awreadie been fixt. Gif the bug is oan ae wiki steid like Wikipædia, ye coud gie testin the latest saffware version ae shot oan test2.wikipedia.org.

Haes some ither bodie awreadie reported the issue?

Uise the rake kist o Wikimedia's bugtracker tae see gif yer bug haes awreadie been reportit, or the feature requested. Ye can perform mair advanced rakes oan the advanced rake page n aw.

Gif ye'r no sair gif ae bug haes awreadie been reportit, ye shid report it. It is better tae hae duplicate bugs than tae hae onreportit bugs.

Is it maybe a gadget / user script issue?

Some proablems ar ae side effect o uisin uiser screepts n gadgets that need somm fixes. Thaur's ae guide available wi steps aneat hou ye can identifie sic code, that coud fix yer issue sae that ye dinnae waste yer time reportin it.

Is it a caching issue?

Some issues relate to older cached HTML being served alongside newer JavaScript where the two are incompatible. To help determine if this is the cause it is helpful to purge the page, refresh the page and see if the issue persists and include this information in your bug report.

Reportin ae new bug or featur request

Gif ye'v faced ae bug in ae recynt version n nae ither bodie appears tae'v reported it, than:

  1. Heid ower tae phabricator.wikimedia.org.
  2. Gf you have not already done so Ye'l be spiered tae log in (or register) (see "Creautin yer accoont ").
  3. Click the Bookmark button in the upper right corner and choose "Report a Software Bug" (or "Report a Security Issue" to report a security problem ).
  4. Fil oot at least the follaein fields:
    • Title: Ae short yin-sentence ootline that explains the proablem (no yer suggested solution).
      • Guid: "Selecting gender is not functional on Special:Preferences"
      • Bad: "Software crashes"
    • Descreeption: Ful details o the issue, giein aes muckle detail aes possible. This can incluid: If that is insufficient you will be asked for additional information along with guidance on how to obtain it. This field should include:
      • Fer bugs:
        • Steps tae Reproduce: Makit-smaaest, easie-tae-follae steps that will trigger the descreebed proablem. Incluid onie byordinair setup steps.
          1. Go to https://en.wikipedia.org with Internet Explorer version 10.0;
          2. Make sure you are logged in;
          3. Select "My Preferences" menu;
          4. Go to "Gender" and select female gender from box list;
          5. Click "Save" button.
        • Actual Ootcomes: Whit the appleecation did efter performin the abuin steps.
          "There is no female gender in front of my username."
        • Expected Ootcomes: Whit the appleecation shid hae dun, gif thaur wis nae bug.
          "My gender is shown in front of my username."
      • Fer featur requests:
        • Ae descreeption o whit ye'd lik tae achieve, n why. Explain what you hope the feature will solve (the actual underlying problem) along with specific examples; but do not demand a specific solution, as there might be other/better solutions. A user story is an effective way of conveying this.
          "As a new editor, I would like to be acknowledged for my contribution to the project, so that I feel welcomed and valued"
      • Please provide onie ither information that micht be uissfu n aw, lik:
        • the wab brousers, skins, or computer systems that ye'v seen the bug oan;
        • airtins or diffs ae yin or mair pages whaur ye encoontered the bug; or
        • whither the proablem kiths ilka time, yinlie occasionlie, yinlie oan certain pages, or yinlie in speceefeec circumstances.
    • Tae attach ae log file or screenshot (bit be sair that nae confidential data is incluidit or shawn), clack the Uplaid File button (ae clood wi aen arrae) in the tuil baur o the Descreeption field.
    • Select the tags (waurk(s)) whaur in ye'v foond the bug:
      • Waurks ar hou deveelopers find tasks tae work oan. Tae identifie the richt waurk(s), uise the rake function (in the tap richt) tae find its descreeption.
      • Fer example, this coud be the MediaWiki-General-or-Unknown waurk fer the wiki saffware itsel, or Wikimedia-Site-Requests ferr confeeguration changes oan ae Wikimedia steid (see Selecting projects ).
    • Subscreebers: Gif ye knaw speceefic uisers that'l be interestit in gettin taud o this task ye can eik theim here. Itherwise, ignore this field.

Check gif yer report is compleate, than press the "Create Task" button. Yer report wil nou be in the database n somebodie wil hopefulie tak ae luik at it suin. This allows somebody interested in the report to look at it and potentially work on it .

The prioritie fer the task will be set bi deveelopers that plan tae work oan the task (see Settin priorities).

That's it! Thanks fer yer halp tae impruiv MediaWiki n Wikimedia waurks!

Reportin ae JavaScript bug

See n aw: Help:Locating broken scripts

A lot of functionality, such as gadgets, user scripts, and some parts of MediaWiki, rely on JavaScript.

Whan ye comm across ae bug that mey be sib tae JavaScript, dae yer best tae identifie error messages n capie thaim intae the bug report.

It's vera important tae provide aw the information that ye hae, cause een the system admeenistraters wil hae zero access tae oniy error log.

Gif the proablem is in the code o ae uiser screept or gadget itsel, than Phabricator micht no be the place whaur the proablem wil get haunled.[1] Gif the proablematec screept is identified, than sommbodie micht reguide ye tae the screepts tauk page.

Reporting a connectivity issue

If you are having difficulties reaching a Wikimedia website at all (slow internet connection etc.), please follow https://wikitech-static.wikimedia.org/wiki/Reporting_a_connectivity_issue

Reporting a login problem

If you are having problems logging into your account, please follow Manual:How to debug/Login problems .


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