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This is a generic help page for the MediaWiki software. Many MediaWiki-powered wikis have a help link that points to this page. If you came here from a non-MediaWiki wiki looking for help with logging in or creating an account, we may not be able to help you. Return to your wiki and try to find a forum, talk page or contact address where you can ask for help to the admin of the site.

ڪنهن به صفحي کي ڏسڻ لاءِ لاگ اِن هجڻ ضروري ناهي، ايتريقدر ته صفحي ۾ تبديليءَ جي لاءِ به لاگ اِن ٿيڻ جي ضرورت ناهي، تنهن باوجود لاگ ٿيڻ سان ڪجهه وڌيڪ سهوليتون ملنديون ۽ عام طور تي مختلف منصوبن ۾ لاگ ٿيڻ جي شفارش ڪئي ويندي آهي.


کاتو بڻائڻ جي لاءِ ضروري آهي ته توهان پنهنجو تعارفي نالو(حقيقي يا عرفيت) ۽ ڳُجهو لفظ(پاسورڊ) ڏيندا۔وڪيپيڊيا جو نظام اهڙو تعارفي نالو قبول ڪرڻ کان انڪار ڪري ڇڏيندي جيڪو پهرئين ئي درج (رجسٽر) ٿي چُڪو هوندو۔توهان کي هي کاتو هڪ ئي ڀيرو بڻائڻو پوندو ۔ايندڙ ڀيري وڪيپيڊيا ۾ داخل ٿيڻ جي لاءِ توهان کي صرف تعارفي نالو (يوزر نيم) ۽ ڳُجهو لفظ (پاسورڊ) ڏيڻ پوندو جيڪو هي ثابت ڪندو ته توهان ئي اهو شخص آهيو جنهن جو کاتو بڻايو ويو هيو. The system will reject a username that is already in use. A user account is created only once. You are then "logged in". Next time you log in you supply your username again and demonstrate with the password that you are the same person.

توهان جي طرفان ڪيون ويندڙ تبديليون(Edits ترميمون) توهان جي شناخت نالي سان محفوظ ڪيون وينديون۔جيڪڏنهن توهان لاگ اِن نٿا ٿيو ته هي تبديليون توهان جي ڪمپيوٽر،موبائيل جي آءِ پي ايڊريس IP address(ٰIP) سان محفوظ ڪيون ويندويون.

آئون لاگِ اِن ڇو ڪيان؟

You don't have to log in to read any public MediaWiki wiki. You don't even have to log in to edit, normally: anyone can edit almost any page, even without logging in.

تنهن باوجود ڪيترن ئي سببن جي ڪري لاگ ٿيڻ بهتر ٿيندو.

  • جڏنهن توهان ڪنهن به صفحي ۾ تبديليون ڪندا ته ٻيا ماڻهون توهانکي توهانجي نالي سان سڃاڻي سگهندا۔اهو آءِ پي جي نسبت بهتر آهي، ڇو ته مختلف هنڌن (گهر، دفتر، انترنيٽ ڪيفي، وغيره) تان هر هر نموني توهان جي آءِ پي ڪمپيوٽر تبديل ٿيڻ سان تبديل ٿي ويندي آهي۔ايتريقدر ته ڀلي توهان ساڳئي هنڌ، هجو، پر توهانجي انٽرنيٽ ڪنيڪشن تبديل ٿيڻ سان به آءِ پي بدلجي ويندي آهي.انڪري تعارفي نالو (يوزر نيم يا يوزر نالو) توهان جي شناخت جي لاءِ وڌيڪ بهتر آهي.

٭توهان کي پنهنجو هڪ صفحو(User Page يوزر صفحو) پڻ بڻائي سهگو ٿا جتان توهان پنهنجي باري ۾ ٿورو ڪجهه لکي سگهو ٿا ۽ انجي يوزر بحث صفحو تان توهان ٻين يوزرن سان پڻ ڳالهه ٻولهه ڪري سگهو ٿا. ٭توهان ڪنهن به تبديليءَ کي گهٽ اهميت جي حامل تبديلي (مائنر اِڊٽ) جي طور تي نشاندهي ڪري سگهو ٿا، جيڪا ٻين قارئين کي ڏُکيائيءَ کان بچائي سگهندي. ٭توهان پنهنجي پسند جي مضمونن ۾ تبديلين جو واچ لسٽ (نگراني فهرست) سان حساب ڪتاب رکي سگهو ٿا.

  • You will be able to mark an edit as minor, which avoids inconvenience for other users.
  • You will be able to keep track of changes to modules you are interested in using a watchlist.

٭توهان پنهنجي خواهش جي مطابق پنهنجي اي ميل جو پتو لِڪائي يا ظاهر ڪري سگهو ٿا۔پر جيڪڏنهن توهان اي ميل ڏيڻ گُهرو ٿا ته،اي ميل جي ذريعي توهان هيٺ درج ڪم ڪري سگهو ٿا: ٭٭جيڪڏنهن توهان پنهنجو ڳُجهو لفظ(Password) وساري ڇڏيو هجي ته توهان پاسورڊ تبديل ڪري سگهو ٿا. ٭٭توهان خود ڪار طريقي سان اطلاعات پنهنجي اي ميل تي وصول ڪري سگهو ٿا. ٭٭ٻين کان اي ميل وصول ڪري سگهو ٿا(جيڪي ماڻهون توهانکي اي ميل ڪندا انهن جي لاءِ توهان جي اي ميل پتو ڄاڻڻ ضروري ناهي). ٭٭توهان پڻ ٻين يوزرن جي اي ميل معلوم ڪرڻ بغيرانهن کي اي ميل ڪري سگهو ٿا.

    • reset your password if you forget it
    • receive automatic notifications of certain events, if set in your preferences
    • receive emails from other users if so set in your preferences (the user who emails you will not know your email address)
    • email other users and administrators if they want as above (your email address will be disclosed on any email you send)
  • توهان ان قابل ٿي ويندا ته، توهان خودڪار پڪو ٿيڻ کانپوءِ صفحن کي ٻيهر نالو ڏئي سگهندا.
  • توهان ان قابل ٿي ويندا ته توهان preferences بڻائي سگهندا, ته شيون تبديل ڪري سگهندا جيئن:
    • تازيون تبديليون ۾ ڏيکاريل صفحن جا عدد
    • مُختلف اسڪنز (کَلون) جي ذريعي فونٽس, رنگُ ۽ سائيٽ جو لي آئوٽ تبديل ڪري سگهندا.

ياد رکو: ته ڪنهن به فرد جي سائيٽ کي ڏسندي راضداري اصول جي چونڊ ڪريو، جيڪڏنهن انهن جي راضداري پاليسي آهي ته (مثال طور, وڪيميڊيا جي privacy policy).

لاگ اِن ڪيئ ٿجي

First, make sure that your browser accepts cookies. Some browsers can accept or reject cookies from individual sites; users of these should configure the browser to accept cookies from each wiki you plan to edit, such as mediawiki.org.

Click on the "داخل ٿيو" link at the top right of the page. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. If you haven't logged in before, you will need to use the link provided to create an account. You may give your email address if you like.

If you check the box "مون کي داخل ٿيل رکو", you will not have to give your password again when you access that MediaWiki wiki from the same computer. This feature will only work if your password was not generated by the MediaWiki software.

The returnto URL parameter specifies the page to redirect back to after logging in.

لاگ اِن مسئلا

If you appear to be able to log in, but as soon as you try to look at a page you appear logged out again, it is very likely to be a cookie problem. If you are certain that cookies are enabled, make sure that you haven't inadvertently listed the wiki's domain on a list of sites for which cookies are never allowed: this feature is available in all recent browsers. Also make sure your computer's date and time are set correctly; if they are not, cookies may expire before they are supposed to. Note that some firewall and ad-blocking software may interfere with the cookie that the wiki uses to keep a person logged in.

A user may occasionally find themself "automatically" logged out in between beginning an edit and saving it, or when switching between multiple pages open in multiple windows. This can be a result of your browser's cookie, cache, or firewall settings. Regardless of the reason for the logout, the simplest solution to the problem is to check the "مون کي داخل ٿيل رکو" box. If you do this on a computer that can be accessed by more than one person (i.e. at the library, at work, at school), please find and erase your user ID cookies after your editing session.

What if I forget the password or username?

Your username is case sensitive. If you enter an email address when signing up for the account, or in your Preferences, you can make a request on the login screen for a temporary password to be sent to that address, which will allow you to retrieve your account. If you did not enter an email address, or the address was out of date, you will have to create a new account under a different username. After doing this, if a user page and user talk page were created for the old account, it is advisable to make them redirect to the equivalent pages for the new account. (To carry the content and history of these pages over to the new location, you may be able to use the "move" function ─ contact an administrator if assistance is needed.) If your IP address is blocked from editing, you will not be allowed to request a password reset from that address.

هڪ کاتو ٺاهڻ

To create an account, select "داخل ٿيو" (top right of page) then "کاتو کوليو". You usually need only provide a username and password. Some wikis require a visual CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). Users with text, speech, or certain old browsers will be unable to create an account if they cannot view this image. If you are unable to view captchas, contact an administrator or request an account.

You may also be unable to create an account if it contains certain symbols (particularly the '@' symbol, as well as certain non-Latin characters) or words, or if it is too similar to that of an existing user. You may then be able to request that an account is created for you by contacting an administrator, depending on the wiki's own policies and systems. If your IP address has account creation blocked, you may be able either to request to be unblocked or to request an account.

Another possibility is that you have landed on this page from a private wiki, some other method is used to manage accounts. If that is the case, contact your system administrator, to see what the processes are, to set up or access your account. One method to try, if you think this is your case, is your organization/company's domain login credentials.

Wiki families and unified login

Some projects using MediaWiki software form a family in the sense that one logs in to the family as a whole; the functioning of their systems can vary considerably. If you are interested in one of Wikimedia Foundation's wikis (such as Wikipedia), you might want to read further at: Unified login.

لاگنگ آئوٽ

You can log out any time by clicking on the "ٻاھر نڪرو" link at the top right of the page. To prevent the browser from remembering your username and suggesting it to the next user of the computer, remember to delete the wiki's cookies in your browser's privacy settings. Especially if you are using a public computer, you may want to delete all of the browser's recent history (Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Del in Firefox).

Most wikis log users out automatically after a certain time. If that happens and you try to save an edit, you will normally see a warning message that you are logged out.