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Aide générale et ressources

Ressources d'aide pour les mentors Ressources pour les communautés

La recherche a démontré que les nouveaux ont de la difficulté à poursuivre leurs contributions à Wikipédia à cause de trois défis : technique, conceptuel et culturel. Ils n'ont pas accès aux ressources nécessaires pour réussir ces trois défis. Pour les soutenir, l'équipe Croissance de Wikimedia a mis en place trois fonctions reliées, qui sont décrites plus bas. Ces fonctions augmenteraient l'activation, la rétention et le volume de contributions des nouveaux.

  • Page d'accueil des nouveaux : une page qui comprend les tâches des nouveaux et qui constitue une bonne place pour commencer. L'accueil présente plusieurs ressources, incluant un lien vers un mentor pouvant répondre à leurs questions.
  • Tâches des nouveaux : un fil de suggestions de contributions qui peuvent aider les nouveaux à apprendre à contribuer. Des nouveaux ont effectué des contributions pertinentes grâce à ce fil de suggestions ! Le fil est en vedette dans la page d'accueil.
  • Boîte d'aide : une plateforme offrant des ressources aux nouveaux quand ils modifient une page. Quand des nouveaux travaillent à des tâches suggérées, la boîte d'aide les guide sur ce qu'il y a à faire.
Vidéo montrant les fonctionnalités de l’équipe Croissance. Des sous-titres sont peut-être disponibles dans votre langue.

Toutes ces fonctionnalités sont disponibles tant pour les ordinateurs de bureau que pour les appareils mobiles. Les contributeurs expérimentés peuvent également les activer. Vous pouvez essayer ces fonctionnalités sur quelques wikis. They are available by default for newcomers at a majority of Wikipedias.

Pour des informations supplémentaires, consulter cette page sur Pour activer ces fonctionnalités sur votre wiki, prière de consulter la page du processus de déploiement. Si vous avez des questions, consultez notre FAQ. Vous pouvez également nous laisser un message.

Newcomer tasks

This feature is the main component of the Growth features that is increasing how many newcomers make their first edit, come back to make more edits, and the number of edits they make. Newcomer tasks is a workflow that suggests articles to edit, shown to users via the "suggested edits module" on the newcomer homepage. Newcomers are able to choose from different types of edits (based on maintenance templates) and filter to topics of interest (based on ORES models). They then can choose from a feed of articles to work on. Once on an article, the help panel will provide guidance on how to complete the edit. In 2021, the Growth team is building new editing workflows that aim to make it smaller and easier for newbies, especially from mobile devices. These are called "structured tasks". As of June 2021, we have implemented the first structured task for adding wikilinks to four Wikipedias (Arabic, Czech, Vietnamese and Bengali). In it, an algorithm suggests to newcomers words or phrases that could be good wikilinks.

To see the metrics and impact of newcomer tasks, see this page on

For more information about newcomer tasks, see this page on

For more information about Structured tasks, see this page on

Newcomer homepage

This special page hosts the newcomer tasks workflow, and contains other modules that give newcomers access to the most important things they need to see on their first day. After creating their account, newcomers see a popup (and some other notifications) encouraging them to visit their homepage, which is accessible through the link to their username along the top of their browser window. Though the team is still experimenting with different modules, here are modules that may appear on the homepage:

  • Mentorship module: assigns each newcomer an experienced user, and gives an easy way to post questions to the mentor's talk page. Mentors volunteer to take part by signing up. This feature has to be configured by the community to become active.
  • Suggested edits module: see "Newcomer tasks" above.
  • Help module: lists links to commonly visited help pages.
  • Impact module: shows newcomers the number of pageviews on each of the articles they have edited.
  • Emails: The page also encourages users to add and confirm their email address.

Results so far

  • The majority of newcomers visit their homepage, and many of them return to visit their homepage on subsequent days.
  • As of November 2020, 14,228 mentor questions have been asked by 11,785 users.
  • The homepage increases the number of newcomers who have confirmed email addresses.

For more information about the newcomer homepage, see this page on

Boîte d’aide

This is a box that newcomers can open while they are editing. It does four things:

  • Guides newcomers while they do suggested edits.
  • Lists links to commonly visited help pages.
  • Allows newcomers to search for other help and policy pages.
  • Allows newcomers to ask a question directly to the help desk.

The help panel appears in both the wikitext and visual editors. When we deploy this feature, we make sure that a wiki's existing help desk (or Teahouse) will work with the features, and that experienced users watching the help desk are willing to receive the incoming questions.

Results so far

  • About 20% of newcomers who see the help panel open it up, and about 50% of those who open it up interact with it.
  • The help panel on its own does not increase newcomer edits, but we have retained this feature because we use it to provide guidance as part of the promising newcomer tasks flow described above.

For more information about the help panel, see this page on

Essayer les fonctionnalités

On wikis where the Growth features are available, and also on, go to your user preferences on one of these wikis and then:

  • activer le panneau d'aide dans l'onglet Modification.
  • activer la page d'accueil des nouveaux arrivants dans l'onglet Informations personnelles. Enabling the Newcomer homepage gives you access to Newcomer tasks.