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Help contents: Use the tools: (Help panel, Enable the Homepage, How to claim a mentee, Suggested edits)

While we focus on Arabic, Czech, Korean and Vietnamese Wikipedias as our initial audiences, we are looking for information and input from various other places and demographics. Here are some ways you can help us.

Stay informed!Edit

Check the current project updates and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on your talk page! Feel free to share this information on your own wikis, or with anyone who might be interested.

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How to work with usEdit

Share your experienceEdit

Please post on the team’s talk page or the talk pages for our projects!  We want to hear about what is working and what is not working for new contributors in your wikis. We also want to hear any reactions, questions, or opinions on our work.

Be a volunteer translatorEdit

Translate Growth experiments on (it requires a different account that your Wikimedia one).

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Get the tools we develop on your wikiEdit

We would be happy to see more communities testing our prototypes. We are looking for volunteering wikis!

If your community may be interested in participating in some of this research, or early adoption of the new features we are working on, please consult the pre-requested.

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Resources for better collaboration with newcomersEdit

Those resources may be helpful for the development of your community and efforts about how to work with newcomers.

How to work with newcomersEdit

These best practices have been created by compiling existing best practices across the wikis. They can be universally applied.

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How to introduce yourself as a mentorEdit

This recommendation page is linked to the Homepage prototype. It details how mentors' description should be written.

Read the recommendations page

Mentors trainingEdit

This training is dedicated to volunteer mentors who want to increase their skills when working with newcomers.

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How to create help contentsEdit

This module is about creating good help pages. It gathers best practices and applies them to our wikis' unique environment. It is under construction.

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Discuss about Growth community engagementEdit

If you have any question, please contact us.