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This categerie leets information n pages relatin tae MediaWiki extensions.

Finding extensions

The subcategories listed below provide many ways to browse through the set of extensions. To see the list of all extensions that have a page on, go to the subcategory all extensions.

Other lists of extensions include:

If you can't find an extension that does what you're looking for, you can request one at Extension requests.

Please note that most of the extensions listed here are not maintained by people affiliated with the MediaWiki software development team. For most extensions, there is no guarantee of the quality of the software, or its security, or how well it will work with recent versions of MediaWiki.

Getting help with an extension

Clapin the airtin tae aen extension shid hopefulie gie ye aw the information that ye need in fer tae instaw/uise the extension. Gif ye'v onie further speirins please raise thaim oan the associatit tauk page, or contact the extension writer directlie gif thay'v giein ae waa fer ye tae dae sae. Dinna contact the MediaWiki deveelopers wi speirins aneat third-pairtie extensions! If you have any further questions you can raise them on the associated talk page, or contact the extension author(s) if there is contact information listed, or use an existing support channel like the mediawiki-l mailing list or the #mediawiki IRC channel. Please do not contact the MediaWiki developers with questions about third-party extensions!

Improving existing extensions

Creating new extensions

The page Manual:Extensions has a good overview of how extensions are structured.

See also the following pages:

Gif ye'v aen extension that ye want tae eik tae this steid, creaute ae new page n eik the extension template tae the tap o it (or creaute ae new extension airticle). This will creaute ae uissfu infokist n eik the template tae this categerie. See Template:Extension fer details. Mairower, ye shid eik aw the detail ye can tae the page, n it's wise tae check back fairlie regulairlie tae respond tae uiser speirins. This will create a useful infobox and add the page to this category. See Template:Extension for details. You should also add as much detail as possible to the body of the page, and it is wise to check back fairly regularly to respond to user questions.

Extensions that creaute new huiks wiin the extension code shoud register thaim oan the extension huik registrie.

Extensions that define new namespaces should register them at the page Extension default namespaces.

Relatit pages


The MediaWiki deveelopers gie nae support fer third-pairtie add-ons n neither the MediaWiki deveelopers or the maintainers o this steid gie onie guarantee aneat the suitabeelitie, functionalitie, securitie or indeed onie ither propertie o onie extension described oan this steid. Inclusion o aen extension oan this steid is na aen endorsement bi the MediaWiki deveelopers or the Wikimedia Foundation. Inclusion of an extension on this site is not an endorsement by the MediaWiki developers or the Wikimedia Foundation.

Gif it's felt that ae parteculair extension published oan this wab steid is bein distreebutit containin vulnerabeelities that expose uisers tae cross-steid screeptin or ither vulnerabeelities, or that ar itherwise no secure, thir can n will be delytit wi nae prior notice.

The proveesions o the general disclaimer ar maintained.


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