Extension default namespaces

To prevent conflicts in new namespaces added by extensions, please list your extension's custom namespaces here on the list of extension default namespaces. If you define a constant for a custom namespace, list it here too.

Note that these are only default namespaces. All extensions defining new namespaces should provide the installer with a method of configuring the extension to use a different range of namespaces for its custom namespaces.

In general, extensions should reserve namespace numbers in blocks of 10, where no known namespaces are already added by MediaWiki core or any known extensions (see discussion). Each block is intended for an extension to use sequentially; in particular, extensions that add more than one custom namespace should not reserve an additional block for each additional namespace, unless the extension has exhausted its current block.

Namespace numbers between 3000 and 4999 should not be used; these numbers are reserved for wikis to define their own custom namespaces. Furthermore, care should be taken when selecting numbers under 1000, since this range has historically been quite heavily used by extensions and sites alike (numbers under 200 should probably be avoided altogether).

Naturally some namespaces listed on this page will overlap, and violate the recommendations listed here. The recommendations are good practices new extensions should try to adhere to to avoid conflicts; for legacy reasons, old extensions that have already created conflicts and bad practice can't simply be changed but are listed here to help avoid even more conflicts.

In a nutshell:
  • MediaWiki core uses namespace numbers under 100. These must never be used by extensions or sites.
  • Avoid namespace numbers 100–199. These were historically used by both extensions and sites.
  • Custom namespaces on sites should use namespace numbers 3000–4999. These should not be used by extensions.
  • Extensions should use namespace numbers between 200 and 2999, or between 5000–9999.
  • Avoid namespace numbers above 10,000. These are reserved for future use.

Negative IDs edit

  Warning: Do not use negative IDs for extensions. Ever.

MediaWiki Core
ID Name Constant Remark
2 namespaces have negative indexes and have special purposes. You cannot create or delete pages in these namespaces, and there are no corresponding discussion namespaces.
-2 Media: NS_MEDIA Alias for direct links to media files
-1 Special: NS_SPECIAL Holds special pages

ID 0–99 edit

MediaWiki Core edit

MediaWiki Core
ID Name Constant Remark
1 Talk: NS_TALK
2 User: NS_USER
3 User_talk: NS_USER_TALK
4 Project: NS_PROJECT
5 Project_talk: NS_PROJECT_TALK
6 File: NS_FILE
7 File_talk: NS_FILE_TALK
9 MediaWiki_talk: NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK
10 Template: NS_TEMPLATE
11 Template_talk: NS_TEMPLATE_TALK
12 Help: NS_HELP
13 Help_talk: NS_HELP_TALK
14 Category: NS_CATEGORY
15 Category_talk: NS_CATEGORY_TALK
If core is to define any new default namespace it will likely continue on from here with 16–17, please take care to avoid this area.

90–99: LiquidThreads edit

ID Name Constant Remark
90 Thread: NS_LQT_THREAD
91 Thread_talk: NS_LQT_THREAD_TALK
92 Summary: NS_LQT_SUMMARY
93 Summary_talk: NS_LQT_SUMMARY_TALK

ID 100–199 edit

  Warning: The namespaces in the range 100–199 have historically been heavily used by both extensions and individual wikis for their custom namespaces. Because of this, it is generally recommended to avoid this range for new namespaces.

Wikimedia Foundation edit

Many Wikimedia Foundation wikis have site-specific namespaces in this range. Including the Portal namespace (100) on most Wikipedia projects, Creator namespace (100) on Wikimedia Commons, the Extension namespace (102) on mediawiki.org, the Subject namespace (112) on English Wikibooks, and many others.

100–119 edit

Semantic MediaWiki edit

Semantic MediaWiki
ID Name Constant Remark
100 Relation: SMW_NS_RELATION No longer used as of version 1.0 and removed completely in 1.5.0.
101 Relation_talk: SMW_NS_RELATION_TALK No longer used as of version 1.0 and removed completely in 1.5.0.
102 Property: SMW_NS_PROPERTY   Note: Namespace name also used by Wikibase
103 Property_talk: SMW_NS_PROPERTY_TALK   Note: Namespace name also used by Wikibase
104 Type: SMW_NS_TYPE No longer used, as of version 1.6.0 and removed in 3.0.0.
105 Type_talk: SMW_NS_TYPE_TALK No longer used, as of version 1.6.0 and removed in 3.0.0.
108 Concept: SMW_NS_CONCEPT
109 Concept_talk: SMW_NS_CONCEPT_TALK
112 Rule: SMW_NS_RULE Introduced in version 3.0.0, though not yet used.
113 Rule_talk: SMW_NS_RULE_TALK Introduced in version 3.0.0, though not yet used.
114 smw/schema: SMW_NS_SCHEMA Introduced in version 3.0.0.
115 smw/schema_talk: SMW_NS_SCHEMA_TALK Introduced in version 3.0.0.

Page Forms edit

Page Forms
ID Name Constant Remark
106 Form: PF_NS_FORM Prior to the extension being renamed, this namespace's constant name was SF_NS_FORM.
107 Form_talk: PF_NS_FORM_TALK Prior to the extension being renamed, this namespace's constant name was SF_NS_FORM_TALK.

DPLforum edit

ID Name Constant Remark
110 Forum: NS_FORUM Prior to r93293, this namespace number was not hardcoded, and a number of wikis previously used other numbers, with 110 used for unrelated namespaces.
111 Forum_talk: NS_FORUM_TALK Prior to r93293, this namespace number was not hardcoded, and a number of wikis previously used other numbers, with 111 used for unrelated namespaces.

120–129; 140–149: Wikibase edit

Wikibase Repository
ID Name Constant Remark
120 Item: WB_NS_ITEM many installations, including Wikidata, use the main namespace instead
121 Item_talk: WB_NS_ITEM_TALK many installations, including Wikidata, use the main talk namespace instead
122 Property: WB_NS_PROPERTY   Note: Namespace name also used by Semantic MediaWiki; Wikidata use the 120 namespace id instead
123 Property_talk: WB_NS_PROPERTY_TALK   Note: Namespace name also used by Semantic MediaWiki; Wikidata use the 121 namespace id instead
124 Query: WB_NS_ITEM Wikidata use the 122 namespace id instead
125 Query_talk: WB_NS_ITEM_TALK Wikidata use the 123 namespace id instead
ID Name Constant Remark
146 Lexeme: WB_NS_LEXEME
147 Lexeme_talk: WB_NS_LEXEME_TALK

170–179: Semantic Drilldown edit

Semantic Drilldown
ID Name Constant Remark
170 Filter: SD_NS_FILTER Stopped being used in version 2.0; removed entirely in version 2.1
171 Filter_talk: SD_NS_FILTER_TALK Stopped being used in version 2.0; removed entirely in version 2.1

ID 200–299 edit

Wikimedia Foundation edit

  • Meta-Wiki (meta.wikimedia.org) has custom namespaces in this range:
ID Name Constant Remark
200 Grants: Grant namespace on Meta-Wiki
201 Grants talk:
202 Research: Research namespace on Meta-Wiki
203 Research talk:
206 Iberocoop: Iberocoop namespace on Meta-Wiki
207 Iberocoop talk:

200–209: SocialProfile edit

ID Name Constant Remark
200 UserWiki: NS_USER_WIKI
201 UserWiki_talk: NS_USER_WIKI_TALK Since rev:93317.
202 User_profile: NS_USER_PROFILE
203 User_profile_talk: NS_USER_PROFILE_TALK Since rev:93317.

230–239: examples edit

ID Name Constant Remark
235 XML_talk: NS_XML_TALK

250–259: Proofread Page edit

Proofread Page
ID Name Constant Remark
250 Page: $wgProofreadPageNamespaceIds['page']
251 Page_talk: ID is $wgProofreadPageNamespaceIds['page'] + 1
252 Index: $wgProofreadPageNamespaceIds['index']
253 Index_talk: ID is $wgProofreadPageNamespaceIds['index'] + 1

270–279: Widgets edit

ID Name Constant Remark
274 Widget: NS_WIDGET
275 Widget_talk: NS_WIDGET_TALK

ID 300–399 edit

300–309: PollNY edit

ID Name Constant Remark
300 Poll: NS_POLL
301 Poll_talk: NS_POLL_TALK

350–359: CETEIcean edit

ID Name Constant Remark
350 Cetei: NS_CETEI XML (main) and wikitext (/doc subpage)
351 Cetei_talk: NS_CETEI_TALK

ID 400–499 edit

400–409: Video edit

ID Name Constant Remark
400 Video: NS_VIDEO
401 Video_talk: NS_VIDEO_TALK

420–429: Maps edit

ID Name Constant Remark
420 GeoJson: NS_GEO_JSON Formerly named "Layer" (Maps_NS_LAYER).
421 GeoJson_talk: NS_GEO_JSON_TALK Formerly named "Layer_talk" (Maps_NS_LAYER_TALK)

450–459: BoilerRoom edit

ID Name Constant Remark
450 Boilerplate: NS_BOILERPLATE Can be customized via $wgbrNamespaceIndex. Used the number 300 prior to version 0.92.
451 Boilerplate_talk: NS_BOILERPLATE_TALK Can be customized via $wgbrNamespaceIndex. Used the number 301 prior to version 0.92.

460–469: UploadWizard and MediaUploader edit

MediaUploader is a fork/replacement of UploadWizard. These two extensions cannot operate on a wiki at the same time.
UploadWizard and MediaUploader
ID Name Constant Remark
460 Campaign: NS_CAMPAIGN JSON describing metadata for an Upload Campaign
461 Campaign_talk: NS_CAMPAIGN_TALK

470–479: EventLogging edit

ID Name Constant Remark
470 Schema: NS_SCHEMA JSON schemas describing data models
  Note: Namespace name also used by LinkedWiki and (formerly) EntitySchema
  Note: Constant name also used by LinkedWiki
471 Schema_talk: NS_SCHEMA_TALK   Note: Namespace name also used by LinkedWiki and (formerly) EntitySchema
  Note: Constant name also used by LinkedWiki

480–489 edit

JsonConfig edit

ID Name Constant Remark
482 Config: NS_CONFIG JSON Configuration blob used by multiple systems
483 Config_talk: NS_CONFIG_TALK
486 Data: NS_DATA Additional JSON data. As of 2015 you can store arbitrary valid JSON in the subnamespace Data:Json, e.g. Data:Json:MyDataset. This is a developing convention on Wikimedia projects that use JsonConfig and Graph.
  Note: Namespace and constant name also used by LinkedWiki
487 Data_talk: NS_DATA_TALK

Graph edit

ID Name Constant Remark
484 Graph: Graph data. This is a convention on Wikimedia projects that use the extension, the extension doesn't define a particular namespace.
485 Graph_talk:

NotebookViewer edit

ID Name Constant Remark
486 Notebook: NS_NOTEBOOK Jupyter Notebook data

490–499 edit

GWToolset edit

ID Name Constant Remark
491 GWToolset_talk: NS_GWTOOLSET_TALK

FileAnnotations edit

ID Name Constant Remark
492 File_annotations: NS_FILE_ANNOTATIONS
493 File_annotations_talk: NS_FILE_ANNOTATIONS_TALK

OpenStackManager edit

ID Name Constant Remark
498 Nova_Resource: NS_NOVA_RESOURCE Formerly used the number 488.
499 Nova_Resource_Talk: NS_NOVA_RESOURCE_TALK Formerly used the number 489.

ID 500–599 edit

500–509 edit

BlogPage edit

ID Name Constant Remark
500 Blog: NS_BLOG Extension:MiniInvite adds a minor bit of functionality when this namespace constant is defined (see /includes/MiniInvite.hooks.php).
  Note: Namespace and constant name also used by BlueSpice
501 Blog_talk: NS_BLOG_TALK   Note: Namespace and constant name also used by BlueSpice

SimpleBlogPage edit

ID Name Constant Remark
502 User_blog: NS_USER_BLOG
503 User_blog_talk: NS_USER_BLOG_TALK

ID 600–699 edit

600–609: FanBoxes edit

ID Name Constant Remark
600 UserBox: NS_FANTAG
601 UserBox_talk: NS_FANTAG_TALK

620–629: MintyDocs edit

ID Name Constant Remark
620 Draft: MD_NS_DRAFT The PageTriage extension also makes use of a "Draft" namespace, although it does not define one; the administrator must define one themselves.
621 Draft_talk: MD_NS_DRAFT_TALK

640–649: EntitySchema edit

ID Name Constant Remark
640 EntitySchema: NS_ENTITYSCHEMA_JSON   Note: Before gerrit:506471 this namespace was named "Schema" with the constant NS_WBSCHEMA_JSON.
641 EntitySchema_talk: NS_ENTITYSCHEMA_JSON_TALK   Note: Before gerrit:506471 this namespace was named "Schema talk" with the constant NS_WBSCHEMA_JSON_TALK.

660–669: OpenStackManager edit

ID Name Constant Remark
666 Heira: NS_HEIRA
667 Heira_Talk: NS_HEIRA_TALK

690–699: SemanticActions edit

ID Name Constant Remark
690 Action: NS_ACTION
691 Action_Talk: NS_ACTION_TALK
692 Label: NS_LABEL
693 Label_Talk: NS_LABEL_TALK

ID 700–799 edit

700–709: LinkFilter edit

ID Name Constant Remark
700 Link: NS_LINK
701 Link_talk: NS_LINK_TALK

710–719: TimedMediaHandler edit

ID Name Constant Remark
710 TimedText: NS_TIMEDTEXT ID can be changed with $wgTimedTextNS. Namespace number was formerly 700.
711 TimedText_talk: NS_TIMEDTEXT_TALK ID can be changed with $wgTimedTextNS. Namespace number was formerly 701.
TimedMediaHandler reserves namespaces for timed text tracks.

730–739: AccessControl edit

While this extension does not currently reserve a namespace in its code, it highly recommends that a custom namespace be created for storing access control lists. Therefore, this has been reserved for sysadmins to easily choose a namespace should they not want the pressure to choose a random namespace.
ID Name Constant Remark
731 AccessControlGroup_talk: NS_ACCESSCONTROLGROUP_TALK

740–749: Flex Diagrams edit

Flex Diagrams
ID Name Constant Remark
742 Gantt: FD_NS_GANTT
743 Gantt talk: FD_NS_GANTT_TALK
744 Mermaid: FD_NS_MERMAID
745 Mermaid talk: FD_NS_MERMAID_TALK
746 Drawio: FD_NS_DRAWIO
747 Drawio talk: FD_NS_DRAWIO_TALK

ID 800–899 edit

800–809: SemanticMustacheFormat edit

ID Name Constant Remark
806 Mustache: SRFM_NS_MUSTACHE
807 Mustache_talk: SRFM_NS_MUSTACHE_TALK

820–829: Scribunto edit

ID Name Constant Remark
828 Module: NS_MODULE
829 Module_talk: NS_MODULE_TALK

830–839: SecurePoll edit

ID Name Constant Remark
830 SecurePoll: NS_SECUREPOLL Set $wgSecurePollUseNamespace true to enable.
831 SecurePoll_talk: NS_SECUREPOLL_TALK Set $wgSecurePollUseNamespace true to enable.

840–849: CommentStreams edit

ID Name Constant Remark
844 CommentStreams: NS_COMMENTSTREAMS may be overridden by $wgCommentStreamsNamespaceIndex
845 CommentStreams_talk: NS_COMMENTSTREAMS_TALK Presently unused.

860–869: CentralNotice edit

ID Name Constant Remark
866 CNBanner: NS_CN_BANNER Staging area for pending banner translations.
867 CNBanner_talk: NS_CN_BANNER_TALK Presently unused.

ID 1000+ edit

1020–1029: Piwo edit

ID Name Constant Remark
1024 Gram: NS_GRAM
1025 Gram_talk: NS_GRAM_TALK

1190–1199: Translate edit

ID Name Constant Remark
1198 Translations: NS_TRANSLATIONS Can be overridden with $wgPageTranslationNamespace
1199 Translations_talk: NS_TRANSLATIONS_TALK Can be overridden with $wgPageTranslationNamespace
translatewiki.net uses namespaces from 1200 onward to hold product translations.

1500–1599: BlueSpice edit

ID Name Constant Remark
1502 Blog: NS_BLOG   Note: Namespace and constant name also used by BlogPage
1503 Blog_talk: NS_BLOG_TALK   Note: Namespace and constant name also used by BlogPage
1504 Book: NS_BOOK Provided by Extension:Bookshelf
1505 Book_talk: NS_BOOK_TALK Provided by Extension:Bookshelf
1506 SocialEntity: NS_SOCIALENTITY Provided by Extension:Social
1507 SocialEntity_talk: NS_SOCIALENTITY_TALK Provided by Extension:Social
1530 PROC: NS_PROC Provided by Extension:Cognitive_Process_Designer
1531 PROC_talk: NS_PROC_TALK Provided by Extension:Cognitive_Process_Designer
The Hallo Welt! team would appreciate it if the entire range of 1500–1599 could be reserved for the BlueSpice package.

1700–1709: Wikistories edit

ID Name Constant Remark
1704 Story: NS_STORY
1705 Story_talk: NS_STORY_TALK

1720–1729: CampaignEvents edit

ID Name Constant Remark
1728 Event: NS_EVENT
1729 Event_talk: NS_EVENT_TALK

ID 2000+ edit

2220–2229: PageProperties edit

ID Name Constant Remark
2226 PagePropertiesForm: NS_PAGEPROPERTIESFORM
2227 PagePropertiesForm talk: NS_PAGEPROPERTIESFORM_TALK

2300–2309: Gadgets edit

ID Name Constant Remark
2300 Gadget: NS_GADGET
2301 Gadget_talk: NS_GADGET_TALK
2302 Gadget_definition: NS_GADGET_DEFINITION
2303 Gadget_definition_talk: NS_GADGET_DEFINITION_TALK

2600–2609: Flow edit

ID Name Constant Remark
2600 Topic: NS_TOPIC allows users to watch individual Flow topic discussions
Defined as a stub for testing in MassMessage's /tests/phan/stubs/Flow.php

2700–2709: Semantic_Genealogy edit

ID Name Constant Remark
2700 Genealogy: NS_SGENEALOGY
2701 Genealogy_talk: NS_SGENEALOGY_TALK
2702 Genealogy_template: NS_SGENEALOGY_TEMPLATE
2703 Genealogy_template_talk: NS_SGENEALOGY_TEMPLATE_TALK
2704 Genealogy_form: NS_SGENEALOGY_FORM
2705 Genealogy_form_talk: NS_SGENEALOGY_FORM_TALK

2800–2809: CourseEditor edit

ID Name Constant Remark
2800 Course: NS_COURSE
2801 Course_talk: NS_COURSE_TALK

2900–2909: DataMaps edit

ID Name Constant Remark
2900 Map: NS_MAP Allows users to create maps that can later be included on other pages.
Only enabled if $wgDataMapsNamespaceId is set to managed (default).
2901 Map_talk: NS_MAP_TALK

ID 3000+ edit

The range of 3000–4999 is reserved for sites to define their own custom namespaces without fear of conflict. No known extensions define namespaces in this range, and new extensions should avoid it as well.

In accordance with this, the NamespaceManager and BlueSpice Namespace Manager extensions use the range from 3000 to 4999 to create custom namespaces.

ID 5000+ edit

5500–5509: Newsletter edit

ID Name Constant Remark
5500 Newsletter: NS_NEWSLETTER
5501 Newsletter_talk: NS_NEWSLETTER_TALK

5750–5759: MWUnit edit

ID Name Constant Remark
5750 Test: NS_TEST
5751 Test_talk: NS_TEST_TALK

5770–5779: Wikispeech edit

ID Name Constant Remark
5770 Speech_recording: NS_SPEECH_RECORDING Constant used by the SpeechDataCollector extension
5771 Speech_recording_talk: NS_SPEECH_RECORDING_TALK Constant used by the SpeechDataCollector extension
5772 Pronunciation_lexicon: NS_PRONUNCIATION_LEXICON Constant used by the Wikispeech extension
5773 Pronunciation_lexicon_talk: NS_PRONUNCIATION_LEXICON_TALK Constant used by the Wikispeech extension

ID 7000+ edit

7000–7399: OpenSemanticLab edit

ID Name Constant Remark
7010 Material: NS_MATERIAL
7011 Material_Talk: NS_MATERIAL_TALK
7020 Device: NS_DEVICE
7021 Device_Talk: NS_DEVICE_TALK
7022 Software: NS_SOFTWARE
7023 Software_Talk: NS_SOFTWARE_TALK
7030 Location: NS_LOCATION
7031 Location_Talk: NS_LOCATION_TALK
7040 FileType: NS_FILETYPE
7041 FileType_Talk: NS_FILETYPE_TALK
7042 DataType: NS_DATATYPE
7043 DataType_Talk: NS_DATATYPE_TALK
7050 OU: NS_OU
7051 OU_Talk: NS_OU_TALK
7060 Project: NS_OSL_PROJECT
7061 Project_Talk: NS_OSL_PROJECT_TALK
7070 Person: NS_PERSON
7071 Person_Talk: NS_PERSON_TALK
7080 Model: NS_MODEL
7081 Model_Talk: NS_MODEL_TALK
7100 LabNote: NS_LABNOTE
7101 LabNote_Talk: NS_LABNOTE_TALK
7110 LabProcess: NS_LABPROCESS
7111 LabProcess_Talk: NS_LABPROCESS_TALK
7120 LabObject: NS_LABOBJECT
7121 LabObject_Talk: NS_LABOBJECT_TALK
7200 OslTemplate: NS_OSLTEMPLATE
7201 OslTemplate_Talk: NS_OSLTEMPLATE_TALK
7210 OslForm: NS_OSLFORM
7211 OslForm_Talk: NS_OSLFORM_TALK
7300 Field: NS_FIELD
7301 Field_Talk: NS_FIELD_TALK
7310 Term: NS_TERM
7311 Term_Talk: NS_TERM_TALK
7320 Statement: NS_STATEMENT
7321 Statement_Talk: NS_STATEMENT_TALK
7330 CR: NS_CR
7331 CR_Talk: NS_CR_TALK

ID 10,000+ edit

10,000–10,039: LinkedWiki edit

ID Name Constant Remark
10000 Data: NS_DATA   Note: Constant name also used by JsonConfig
10002 UserData: NS_USER_DATA
10010 Schema: NS_SCHEMA   Note: Namespace name also used by EventLogging and (formerly) EntitySchema
  Note: Constant name also used by EventLogging
10011 Schema_talk: NS_SCHEMA_TALK   Note: Namespace name also used by EventLogging and (formerly) EntitySchema
  Note: Constant name also used by EventLogging
10030 Datatype: NS_DATATYPE
10031 Datatype_talk: NS_DATATYPE_TALK

Archived extensions edit

A number of extensions, which have been archived, added new namespaces; these are listed here since these namespaces may appear in old database dumps from wikis which used these extensions, and some old wikis may continue to use the extensions. It is generally recommended to avoid reusing namespace numbers previously used by archived extensions, though this is just a suggestion: these numbers may be considered free and can be reserved by new extensions if desired.

Extensions are listed here ordered by the first namespace number they added.

WikiLexicalData edit

ID Name Constant Remark
16 Expression: NS_EXPRESSION
17 Expression_talk:
24 DefinedMeaning: NS_DEFINEDMEANING
25 DefinedMeaning_talk:

RefHelper edit

ID Name Constant Remark
120 Cite: NS_CITE
121 Cite_talk: NS_CITE_TALK

DeleteQueue edit

ID Name Constant Remark
140 Deletion: NS_DELETION
200 Deletion discussion:

Semantic Access Control edit

Semantic Access Control
ID Name Constant Remark

Semantic Text Annotator and Semantic Image Annotator edit

Semantic Text Annotator,Semantic Image Annotator
ID Name Constant Remark
248 Annotation: NS_ANNOTATION
249 Annotation_talk: NS_ANNOTATION_TALK

TrustedMath edit

ID Name Constant Remark

EmbedScript edit

ID Name Constant Remark
281 JSApplet_talk: NS_JSAPPLET_TALK

MOOC edit

ID Name Constant Remark
350 Mooc: NS_MOOC
351 Mooc_talk: NS_MOOC_TALK

Wiki2LaTeX edit

ID Name Constant Remark
401 Wiki2LaTeX_talk: NS_WIKI2LATEX_TALK

QuizTabulate edit

ID Name Constant Remark
430 Quiz: QuizTabulate_NS_QUIZ
431 Quiz_talk: QuizTabulate_NS_QUIZ_TALK

Education Program edit

Education Program
ID Name Constant Remark
446 Education_Program: EP_NS
447 Education_Program_talk: EP_NS_TALK

ZeroBanner edit

ID Name Constant Remark
480 Zero: NS_ZERO JSON configuration (outdated) describing Zero site behavior for this carrier
These namespaces are also defined in a test file for Extension:JsonConfig.
481 Zero_talk: NS_ZERO_TALK

XMLContent edit

ID Name Constant Remark
581 XML_talk: NS_XML_TALK
582 Schema: NS_SCHEMA
583 Schema_talk: NS_SCHEMA_TALK
586 Editor: NS_EDITOR
587 Editor_talk: NS_EDITOR_TALK

NagiosConfig edit

The documentation of this extension's namespaces on this page was changed several times; it is not known if these changes were correcting wrong information, or if the namespace data was repeatedly changed in the extension itself.

ID Name Constant Remark
600 NagiosTemplate: NS_NAGIOS_TEMPLATE
601 NagiosTemplate talk: NS_NAGIOS_TEMPLATE_TALK
602 NagiosHostType: NS_NAGIOS_HOSTTYPE
603 NagiosHostType talk: NS_NAGIOS_HOSTTYPE_TALK
604 NagiosCommand: NS_NAGIOS_COMMAND
605 NagiosCommand talk: NS_NAGIOS_COMMAND_TALK
606 NagiosResource: NS_NAGIOS_RESOURCE
607 NagiosResource talk: NS_NAGIOS_RESOURCE_TALK
608 NagiosServiceCommand: NS_NAGIOS_SERVICECOMMAND
609 NagiosServiceCommand talk: NS_NAGIOS_SERVICECOMMAND_TALK

GitAccess edit

ID Name Constant Remark
730 GitAccess_root: NS_GITACCESS_ROOT
731 GitAccess_root_talk: NS_GITACCESS_ROOT_TALK

QPoll edit

ID Name Constant Remark
800 Interpretation: NS_QP_INTERPRETATION
801 Interpretation_talk: NS_QP_INTERPRETATION_TALK
QPoll reserves namespaces for interpretation scripts.

Jade edit

ID Name Constant Remark
810 Jade: NS_JADE
811 Jade_talk: NS_JADE_TALK

R edit

ID Name Constant Remark
814 R: NS_EXTR Used for help pages and (interactive) examples.
815 R_talk: NS_EXTR_TALK

Hidden pages edit

Hidden pages required custom namespaces to be added manually, with the recommendation to use namespace numbers starting from 1000.

PackageForce edit

ID Name Constant Remark
1300 PackageForce: NS_PACKAGEFORCE
1301 PackageForce_talk: NS_PACKAGEFORCE_TALK

See also edit