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Release status: stable
Description Combines wiki pages to create books and also to export them as PDF.
Author(s) Hallo Welt! GmbH
Maintainer(s) Hallo Welt! GmbH
Latest version 4.3
Compatibility policy For every MediaWiki release that is a Long Term Support release there is a corresponding branch in the extension.
MediaWiki 1.39 (LTS)
Database changes Yes
Composer bluespice/bookshelf
License GNU General Public License 3.0 only
  • $wgBookShelfDefaultCoverImage
  • $wgBookShelfShowChapterNavigationPagerAfterContent
  • $wgBookshelfTitleDisplayText
  • $wgBookshelfMainLinksBookshelf
  • $wgBookShelfShowChapterNavigationPagerBeforeContent
  • $wgBookshelfPrependPageTOCNumbers
  • $wgBookshelfSupressBookNS
  • bookshelfbookmanager-viewspecialpage
  • bookshelf-viewspecialpage
Quarterly downloads 7 (Ranked 130th)
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Bookshelf combines wiki pages to create books and also to export all or some of those pages as a PDF document.

Usage / features edit

  • Sets of different pages (chapters) can be put together individually to create a book.
  • Chapters are integrated in a book with the tag <bs:bookshelf src="Book:ExampleBook">
  • The table of contents of the book is displayed in the left navigation bar.
  • The chapters are displayed in a collapsible tree structure.
  • The book or parts of the book can be exported to PDF.

External links edit

This extension was originally made for BlueSpice. BlueSpice is a MediaWiki distribution for enterprises and organizations. It enhances MediaWiki, in particular in the areas of quality management, process support, administration, editing and security.

You can download this extension with BlueSpice free.