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This is a user documentation for the Input Methods functionality of the Universal Language Selector.

When using an International (en-US) keyboard, the ULS input method allows you to input text using a layout different from the default of the keyboard. This is particularly useful for non-Latin scripts. Installing and configuring input methods in the operating systems may not be easy or convenient for many editors. This tool aims to provide the popular and standard input methods in many languages in MediaWiki itself. The tool works in all editable text fields of MediaWiki.

Enabling and disabling the input method

The input tools are enabled by default in most Wikimedia wikis. If you see a small keyboard icon next to a search box, an article editing field, or other text areas, then it's enabled. If it doesn't appear, here's how you can enable it:

  • On sites that have the language selector on the sidebar (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikisource, etc.):
    1. Click the gear icon next to the Languages (In other languages) list in the sidebar.
    2. Click "Input settings".
    3. Click "Enable input tools".
  • On sites that have the language selector at the top of the page (Commons, Wikidata, Meta,
    1. Click the language selector next to your username at the top of the page.
    2. Click "Input settings".
    3. Click "Enable input tools".

To disable the input tools completely, follow the above procedure and click "Disable input tools".

If the Input tool is enabled, you will see a small keyboard icon next to the text area. To enable typing in the selected input method, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M. Or select the option "Enable input tools" at the bottom of the menu displayed when the keyboard icon is clicked or through ULS language panel .

Pressing Ctrl+M will toggle between enabling and disabling. So while editing, you can use this shortcut key to switch the tool on and off without clicking on the menu.

Selecting an input method

The default input method of the wiki's content language will be enabled initially. You can select an input method from the menu according to your preference. If you want to switch to another input method while editing, that is possible. The input methods for other languages are available once you click the keyboard icon. The recently used input methods will be available at the top of the menu.

Disabling the tool for your user account

The Input method tool for your user account can be disabled in two ways:

  1. From the sidebar: by clicking on the "Disable input tools" button within the input settings option in the Language Settings panel
  2. From the Keyboard menu: by clicking on "Disable input tools" from the keyboard menu that is displayed when the user clicks on the keyboard icon from an input field (like the search field)

Available input methods

  • The language list is sorted alphabetically by English name. See the Indic scripts information below.
  • To add a new help page, please use the format: <langcode>-<name of input method file>. The file names can be traced from the source repository. (In case of problems locating the source file, please ping Runa).

Non-Indic scripts

Amharic [am]

Arabic [ar]

Armenian [hy]

Western Balochi [bgn]

Southern Balochi [bcc]

Belarusian [be]

Berber [ber]

Chinese [zh]

Chuvash [cv]

Croatian [hr]

Cyrillic Generic

Divehi [dv]

Dinka [din]

Ewe [ee]

Danish [da]

Khowar [khw]

English [en]

Esperanto [eo]

Faroese [fo]

Finnish [fi]

Fon [fon]

Ga [gaa]

German [de]

Georgian [ka]

Greek [el]

Hausa [ha]

Hebrew [he]

Icelandic [is]

Indonesian [id]

These are the keyboards for the 700+ languages of Indonesia, not just Indonesian languages.

Latin keyboards

Aksara (native script)


Igbo [ig]

Kazakh [kk]

Kurdish [ku]

Lao [lo]

Burmese [my]

Northern Sami [se]

Norwegian [no]

Russian [ru]

Slovak [sk]

Swedish [sv]

Yakut [sah]

Serbian [sr]

Thai [th]

Udmurt [udm]

Uyghur [ug]

Ukrainian [uk]

Uzbek [uz]

Venetian [vec]

Indic scripts

Assamese [as]

Bangla [bn]

Bodo [brx]

Dogri [doi]

Hindi [hi]

Gujarati [gu]

Javanese [jv]

Kannada [kn]

Kashmiri [ks]

Goan Konkani [gom]

Maithili [mai]

Malayalam [ml]

Manipuri [mni]

Marathi [mr]

Nepali [ne]

Odia [or]

Punjabi [pa]

Sanskrit [sa]

Santali [sat]

Sindhi [sd]

Sinhala [si]

Tamil [ta]

Telugu [te]

Urdu [ur]

Yoruba [yo]

New input methods and translations

If you'd like to see a new language supported or a new input method added please request it in the bug tracker or you could write it yourself!

The extension can be translated to your language at

How to report issues

Please report all issues in the bug tracker.