Help:Extension:UniversalLanguageSelector/Input methods/hi-transliteration

Transliteration is case-specific, i.e a and A give different outputs. Keep this in mind while reading the following rules.

See Help:Extension:UniversalLanguageSelector/Input methods/hi-transliteration/hi for this help page in hindi.

Vowels edit

अं अः
a A aa i I ii u U uu e ai E o au O aM aH R

Consonants edit

Note:The consonants given in the below table are followed by a halant(viram). In order to complete the consonant and remove the halant, type a after it. For example: ka gives while k gives क्.

Note:There is no need to type a at the end of a word to remove the halant(viram). When the next key is pressed after a word, the halant is automatically removed. Example: raam<space> gives राम<space>. To specifically place a halant at the end of a word, type ~ at the end. Example: raameshvaram~<space> gives रामेश्वरम्<space>

Kanthya(कंठ्य) क् ख् ग् घ् ङ्
k kh g gh ng
Taalavya(तालव्य) च् छ् ज् झ् ञ्
c ch j jh nj Y
Moordhanya(मूर्धन्य) ट् ठ् ड् ढ् ण्
T Th D Dh N
Dantya(दंत्य) त् थ् द् ध् न्
t th d dh n
Oshthya(ओष्ठ्य) प् फ् ब् भ् म्
p ph b bh m
Antasth(अन्तस्थ) य् र् ल् व्
y r l v w
Ooshm(ऊष्म) श् ष् स् ह्
S sh Sh shh s h
Other letters
क्ष् त्र् ज्ञ् श्र् शृ ड़ ढ़
x X tr gY jY shr shR D`a Dh`a

Note:The correct appearance of शृ depends on the font used, not on the input method.

To add a nukta, press ` after a consonant (with or without a halant). However, the following letters with nukta can be input directly:

Letters with Nukta
इनपुट q F z
आउटपुट क़् फ़् ज़्

Matras and other symbols edit

ि र्र
Input following the consonant (with halant) aa A i I ii ee u U uu oo e ai E o au O M Mm MM M^ H ~ R ` r
Input kaa kA ki kI kii kee ku kU kuu koo ke kai kE ko kau kO kaM kaMm kaMM kaM^ kaH ka~ kR ka`
Output का कि की कु कू के कै कॅ को कौ कॉ कं कँ कः क् कृ क़

To type 'R' matra for Hindi word like 'दर्ज़ ' , use 'darz keys '  

it means - use r key before letter, as like it used in 'दर्ज़ ' before 'z'.

Other symbols
Input AUM . .. // Z
Output .

Numerals edit

Input 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Note: 0123... kind of numerals cannot be input with hindi transliteration enabled. Transliteration must be disabled to type these.

Other direct inputs edit

Input B C G J K L P V W
Output ब्ब् क्क् ग्ग् ज्ज् क्क् ळ् प्प् व्व्