Help:Extension:UniversalLanguageSelector/Input methods/is-normforms

Islandic input method with most common form transliterated.

The first column is the character you will get in caps and the other columns say how to type it in caps or without caps.

What you get Caps No caps
Á 'A 'a
Í 'I 'i
É 'E 'e
Ó 'O 'o
Ú 'U 'u
Ý 'Y 'y
Ä ~A ~a
Ë ~E ~e
Ð ~D ~d
Ø ~O ~o
Þ TH / Th th
Å AA / Aa aa
Æ AE / Ae ae
Ö OE / Oe oe

If you want to type the normal letters like: "OE" , use the table below:

What you get All caps No caps First caps Last caps
TH THA / ThA thh THh / Thh thA
AA AAA / AaA aaa AAa / Aaa aaA
AE AEE / AeE aee AEe / Aee aeA
OE OEE / OeE oee OEe / OeE oeE