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бажана форма (альтернативні форми)

Уникайте альтернативних форм, які не є простими скороченнями бажаної. Скорочення окремо не вказані. Використайте пошук по сторінці (Ctrl+F або ⌘ Cmd+F), щоб знайти визначення потрібного терміну.

агрегована група повідомлень (агрегована група)
група повідомлень, що є збіркою інших груп повідомлень; технічно, об'єднання множин однієї чи більше первинних груп повідомлень (інколи через агрегацію інших агрегованих груп), свого роду вторинна група повідомлень
карта кодів
maps the MediaWiki language codes to their equivalents in the translation file names in other projects
заборона (скасування)
way of hiding translatable pages to discourage further translation
the operation that undoes discouraging
short for file format support. These modules handle reading and writing of files in various formats
forced priority languages
the priority languages, when translations to other languages, are disabled by a translation administrator
translation that needs updating or fixing
the act of marking translations fuzzy
helper language
translations of the definition in helper languages are shown in the translation editor
piece of text in the translatable text, such as variable or plural syntax, that does not require changing in the translations; the pieces that the system recognizes varies per message group; in the translation interface a button to insert them quickly is shown
код мови
мовний код ISO 639, наприклад uk для англійської мови
mark as reviewed (review)
the act of marking a message (a translation) as good, in the translation review feature
mark for translation (re-mark for translation)
the action of making a page available for translation (i.e. a translatable page) for the first time or to propagate updates after the translatable page source has been updated; happens after the tagging
the smallest translation unit; each translation of a message has its own page in the wiki
message collection
collection of messages of one message group in one language.
message documentation
translation tips and info about the context of the message for translators
message group
collection of messages that belong together; translators always work on a message group
message group description
long wikitext snippet shown in Special:Translate and other places
message group id
identifier of the message group; every message group must have one and it must be unique within the wiki; for translatable pages (groups and aggregate groups), it includes a prefix, e.g. agg-Help:Translate
message group label
short human readable name of the message group
message handle
in the code, the MessageHandle class wraps around title class with useful functions
message index
the mapping from translation unit identifiers to the message groups they belong to
message key (message identifier, message name)
the unique name of the message, which corresponds to its page title in the wiki (for instance, "mainpage" for MediaWiki:Mainpage)
message namespace
the namespace the page of the message belongs to, which is the prefix of its page title and may depend on the project/product of the message and be named after it
optional message
a message which normally is not translated, but can be translated if the language needs it; it's normally ignored by the special pages (not counted as untranslated) and can be included/listed by selecting the appropriate options
застарілий переклад
translation which needs updating because its source text has changed
primary message group
technical name of the "normal" message groups. The primary message groups all together constitute a partition of the set of all messages: in other words, each message belongs to one and only one primary message group.
priority languages
the most wanted translations provided by the translation administrator
see message documentation
secondary message group
a message group which is just a collection of messages of other groups (can be an aggregate group or not); technically, any group which is not primary
the act of splitting the text into translation units by the placement of translate tags and empty lines inside translate tags
source language
the language from which content is translated (only one in the Translate extension so far)
source page (original page)
the page under which the translatable page source resides (the base page all the translation pages are subpages of)
stash (translation stash)
A place of temporary storage of translations which will then be automatically discarded. Can be translated similar to "sandbox" or similar.
the current condition of the message group, as defined in the workflow
the act of placing translation tags in the translatable page source; part of the preparation for page translation
option in Special:Translate (whether in a dropdown, radio button or tab selection), like view all messages, or review translations
translatable page
a wiki page which has been prepared or marked for translation; meant as a message group, includes all the consequent translation pages and unit pages
translatable page source
the full text of the translatable page, including translation tags, from which the translation page template and all the translation units are extracted
translation administrator
person who has access to page translation features and knows how to prepare and mark pages for translation
translation aids
the collection of suggestions, message documentation, helper languages and other information besides the message definition
translation editor
the javascript based editor where translation happens
translation memory
the system which remembers previous translations of the same or similar words and provides suggestions
translation page (translated page, translation subpage)
translated version of translatable page residing as subpage of the translatable page
translation page template (translation template, page template, translatable page template)
the structure of a translatable page, that is the part which is not translated and is used in all translation pages
translation review
the feature provided for proofreading translations and marking them as checked; see quality assurance
translate tags
‎<translate> tags, the most important translation tags
translation tags
the special markers used to give instructions to the Translate extension about translatable pages
translation unit
the smallest individually tracked component of translatable pages: the page is divided into paragraph-sized translation units and each unit is a message
translation unit identifier (unit identifier, translation unit page title)
the name of the translation unit, from which the corresponding message identifier derives (since March 2013, can only be an incremental integer)
translation unit marker (unit marker)
a marker associated to a translation unit in translatable page source, which contains the translation unit identifier
translation unit page (unit page)
a page which contains the translation of a translation unit to a particular language
can be accessed using Translations:Page/Unit identifier/Language code e.g.: Translations:Main Page/1/uk
translation unit source (unit source)
the text of a translation unit in the source languages
translation variables tags
‎<tvar> tags, used to hide text from translators in order to prevent them from translating it.
See: translation variables
the series of passages the translation work for a message group is subject to, implemented with message group states on Translate
workflow states (message group workflow states)
the states a message group can be in, following the workflow (see)