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On Tuesday, 16 August 2016 around 15:00 UTC (8:00 a.m. PDT), the login sessions were changed so that they can last up to one year on Wikimedia sites. This will only affect users who select the option to "haratengen ko picomod no mako" on the login screen. Currently, this option lasts only for 30 days.

Users who do not check "haratengen ko picomod no mako" will not be affected by this change. You can log out sooner by clicking the "mahadak" button in the upper right corner of your screen, or by clearing cookies for the website.



如果用户明确地选择了长时间会话,把会话保持超过30天是很有用的。 更长的登录时长意味着编辑者将更少遇到意外退出问题。 在这之前的登录时长要长很多,但几年前由于cookie处理机制的改变被缩短到了仅30天。 Many users have requested a return to the longer length since then.


No, it does not.

Which wikis does this apply to?

This change applies to all WMF wikis in all languages, including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Meta, MediaWiki.org, and more.

If my wiki shows the "haratengen ko picomod no mako" time period, will that be accurate?

Most wikis are using the default message, which says only, "haratengen ko picomod no mako", without specifying the maximum length of time. In that case, the message will remain the same.

If your wiki is currently using the message parameter, then the message will show the new length automatically. You will not need to change anything. Any wiki can choose to show the length by editing MediaWiki:Userlogin-remembermypassword to say, "Keep me logged in (for up to $1 {{PLURAL:$1|day|days}})". The software will automatically insert the correct length of time where the "$1" is in this phrase. If you want, you can copy and translate the example from the English Wikipedia for your wiki.

If your wiki is using a custom local message that has the time hard-coded (e.g., "Keep me logged in for a month", without the "$1" parameter), then please change this immediately to use the parameter instead. Using the parameter means that your users will always get accurate information about this setting.

Will existing login sessions be affected immediately?

Existing sessions will not be affected. Users will not be logged out early, and existing sessions will not be extended. This change will take effect the next time you login with "haratengen ko picomod no mako" checked.

Does this comply with the Privacy Policy?

Yes, the Legal team has verified that this change complies with the Privacy policy.

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