Google Summer of Code/2013

Google Summer of Code is the most popular among the open source mentorship programs in which the Wikimedia Foundation gets involved. In 2013, Wikimedia participated with 20 projects; see status.

You can find more information, FAQs and tutorials for students, mentors and org admins in the official website.

Check out also the FOSS Outreach Program for Women. Both programs were run in parallel.


This list is not current; see Google Summer of Code past projects#2013.

The first mentor listed is the primary mentor.

You can also check the official list of projects at the GSoC website.

Name Location Updates Project Mentor(s) #Bug
Aarti Dwivedi (Rtdwivedi) Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India Submitted patches

June report:OK

July report: OK

August report (Aarti)
Mid-term evaluation: OK (Tpt)

Refactoring of ProofreadPage extension Tpt and Zaran 46616
Anubhav Agarwal (Anubhav_iitr) New Delhi, Delhi, India Submitted Patches

June report:OK

July report : OK

August report : OK

Midterm Evaluation: OK

Bayesian Spam Filter Extension for MediaWiki Platonides and Chris Steipp 47207
Harsh Kothari (Harsh4101991) Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Developed TwitterCards Extension Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard Runa Bhattacharjee and Alolita Sharma 46651
Himeshi De Silva (Himeshi) Colombo, Sri Lanka Patch for bug 47606 Section handling in Semantic forms Yaron Koren 46662
Jiabao Wu Australia VisualEditor Mathematical Editor Plugin Peter Krautzberger (MathJax) and Roan Kattouw 43058
Kiran Mathew Koshy (Kiran_mathew_1993) Kerala, India feature request ZIM incremental updates for Kiwix Emmanuel 'Kelson' Engelhart and Tommi 'tntnet' Mäkitalo 47406
Liangent China gerrit / gerrit-review Wikidata language fallback and conversion Denny Vrandečić and Katie Filbert 37461 36430
Molly White (GorillaWarfare) Boston, Massachusetts, USA See submitted patches. Improve support for book structures Raylton P. Sousa and Mwalker 15071
Moriel Schottlender (Mooeypoo) NYC, NY, USA (Originally Israel) gerrit / jQuery.IME GitHub MediaWiki VisualEditor RTL support Amir E. Aharoni and Inez Korczynski 33126
Nazmul Chowdhury (Rasel160) Brooklyn, New York, USA gerrit / gerrit-review UploadWizard: Book upload customization MarkTraceur and Micru 47561
Or Sagi (Orsagi) Tel-Aviv, Israel A similar project for iOS

Bonding: OK

June Report: OK

July Report: OK

August Report: OK

Final Report: OK

Android app for MediaWiki translation Niklas Laxström, Yuvaraj Pandian 47783
Petr Onderka (Svick) Prague, Czech Republic gerrit, github Incremental data dumps Ariel Glenn and Tyler Romeo 28956
Pragun Bhutani (Pragunbhutani) Gurgaon, India Code not in gerrit [1] Mobilizing Wikidata Katie Filbert and Jon Robson 43065
Praveen Singh (Prageck) New Delhi, India Submitted patches

Bonding: OK

June Report: OK

July Report: OK

Mid-term Evaluation: OK

August Report: OK

jQuery.IME extensions for Firefox and Chrome Santhosh Thottingal and Amir E. Aharoni 46647
Rahul Maliakkal (Rahul21) Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Patches Submitted
Bonding: OK

June Report: OK
July Report: OK
August Report: OK

Mid-term evaluation: OK

Pronunciation Recording Tool Michael Dale and Matt Flaschen. 46610
Richa Jain (Rjain) Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India A few patches submitted.

June Report: OK

July Report: Ok

August Report: Ok

Mid-term evaluation: OK (Matt Flaschen)

Prototyping inline comments (Extension:Annotator) Matthew Flaschen and Tyler Romeo 46440
Rohan Verma (Clancer) Canberra, Australia gerrit
  • Bonding: OK
  • June Report: OK
  • Mid-term evaluation: OK (Jan)
MediaWiki-Moodle extension Jan Luca Naumann and Brian Wolff 47381
Tongbo S. Beijing, China Patches to the related bug report. VisualEditor plugin for source code (SyntaxHighlight GeSHi support) Trevor Parscal and James Forrester 47742

Name Location Updates Project Mentor(s) #Bug
Nilesh Chakraborty (Nilesh) Kolkata, India Working on the Entity Suggester, tracking code in this gerrit repository

Bonding : OK

June report: OK

July report: OK

Mid-term evaluation: OK

Wikidata Entity Suggester Daniel Kinzler, Denny 46555, 45351
Yevheniy Vlasenko (Zhenya) Ukraine, Chernihiv Contributed to Extension:SocialProfile Improvement of glossary tools Yury Katkov and Stephan Gambke 47981


Following the GSoC calendar, until June 17 we are in the community bonding period: Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects.

The bonding also goes for mentors, who need to get familiar with their student and their duties as GSoC mentors.

We will organize a virtual meetup inviting all students and mentors, open to the rest of the community. Stay tuned.

Community bonding periodEdit

By June 1st

We are working on a post for the Wikimedia tech blog where we will link to the user profiles and project pages of all GSoC and OPW students. You can help!

We will also include these links in the Mentorship programs monthly report, and this is why the deadline is important.

  • Make sure your profile is up to date.
  • Include one short paragraph introducing yourself and your expectations about your GSoC project. We will add it to the blog post.
  • All the better if you include a casual landscape picture of yourself in the actual place where you will work on your GSoC project. We will also include these pictures to the blog post. You can upload the picture to using the web interface or the Commons mobile app.

By June 17th

  • You have a good intro of your project at the GSoC website that is descriptive, looks good and links to your full project page at
  • You have setup your development environment and you are confident of having read and understood the relevant documentation for your project.
  • You are subscribed to wikitech-l, following at least all GSoC related threads.
    • If there is a specific mailing list relevant to your project (mediawiki-i18n, wikidata-tech, offline-l, mobile-l, xmldatadumps-l, semediawiki-devel) you are also subscribed and following.
  • You have agreed the way of working with your mentors (code, bugs, updates, regular communication), it is based on public community channels and documented in your full project page at
  • You have posted a comment in the bug report related to your project explaining the current status and next steps.
  • You are aware that you can watch pages and enable notifications to your user preferences.

After completing this checklist please add "Bonding: OK" to the Updates column of the table above. Then you can wait until June 17th or you can start coding right away!


By end of June

By end of July

  • Monthly report. Linking from monthly report and table just like before.
  • Mentors: Mid-term evaluation. After submitting it, add "Mid-term evaluation: OK" to your row in the table.

By end of August

  • Monthly report, same as before.

By end of September

  • Final report.

GSoC Mentors SummitEdit

The GSoC Mentors Summit will be held at the Mountain View Google campus on October 19 & 20. The 2 slots given to Wikimedia will be taken by Aude and Micru (background). Qgil is in the waiting list.


The people in charge of applying to GSoC, running the program and assist mentors and students in anything beyond their projects.

Our plans take into consideration the lessons learned in 2012 and the DOs and DON’Ts - Org Admin Edition.

IRC logs & stuffEdit