Google Summer of Code/2008

Mentors needed edit

The last couple of years we’ve had limited success with the SoC, in part because we’ve been so shorthanded on mentors that we can’t support more than one or two students. I’m looking for a few MediaWiki hackers who’d like to help out this time around…

You’ll need to be reasonably available by e-mail and IRC, and able to help answer the student’s questions and review their progress.

Part of the fun of Summer of Code projects is that we can get somebody excited and involved by working on something that’s big enough that it hasn’t got done yet, but small enough that they can make real progress and hopefully get something in production over the course of a couple months.

The real important part is making sure they feel welcome, and are excited about continuing their involvement in MediaWiki development after they’re done… so let’s make everybody feel at home!

Mentor signup edit

Projects! edit

  • Category renaming
  • The WikiStats project (built by Jon Pipitone, co-supervised by GregWilson and Michael Terry) has built a statistical query plugin for MediaWiki. We'd like to replace the charting engine with Flare, firm up the sanitization of queries, and generally extend it so that anyone who wants to can easily embed statistical query/visualization capability in web pages.
  • improving video support:
    • metavid related stuff? improving mediaWiki media integration, scalability etc
    • check out oggPusher, would be good to have mediaWiki support it... so that users could directly transcode from high quality sources and can hide some of the complexity of transcodeing, save server side resources, avoid multiple-pass transcodes prevalent in online video, and have a path for simplifying configuration of "live" broadcasts in the future.
    • Develop a general transcoding infrastructure. Needs cooperation with sysadmins.
  • most voted not assigned bugs
  • Commons wishlist. Especially multilingual categories (OmegaWiki?).
  • Wikibooks technical wishlist (less discussion more summary of the same stuff is here)
  • Add code highlighting for wikicode
  • Special pages improvements and standardization (bugzilla:6220, bugzilla:10049, bugzilla:12925, bugzilla:12942, bugzilla:12984, etc)
  • Gender switch in user preferences (bugzilla:13040)
  • Commons bugs (commons:Commons:Bugs)
  • Wikiversity:Technical needs
  • Federated WM Foundation project search: A way is needed to search across multiple WikiMedia Foundation wiki projects. It is inefficient and time consuming to search separately on the different domains. See also March, 2008 discussion about this on wikiversity-l Jtneill 02:56, 23 March 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Conversions to mediawiki syntax:
  • Wysiwyg editor like
  • Mediawiki research support (Christian Wong).
    • With this project, I will introduce some features to make MediaWiki more research-friendly. These include Latex-2-Wiki and Bibtex-2-Wiki converters in order to import research papers and others latex documents into MW, but also improvements for exporting a Wiki-page into Latex files.
    • See the Synopsis, Project, Profit for Wikimedia, Success Criteria, Roadmap and Biography here: [1]
  • Extend the wiki series with a new concept: Multimedia Wiki. It would be very nice to join the idea of getting the information from actual text and also multimedia content(movies, photo galleries, audio files). Many people would enjoy this way of improving their knowledge. Browsing an article should include visualizing video content, listening to audio samples(if necessary) and also watching photo galleries. Also all these things must be editable by any registered user.
  • Add support for open 3D vector file formats and 3D viewer. Obvious application - chemistry molecular structures.
  • Write a PNG resizer that does not need to load the entire file in memory and as such can be used to resize large files.
  • Track link changes bug 13588
  • Image rendering daemon
  • I have submited as abstract for YouTube API integration into MediWiki. I would like to know if this idea is viable. I also plan to include an image gallery into Wiki pages similar to Flickr as a seprate section or as an addin on the Wiki. I would like to know the mentors and users views on this.Thank You. Ruturaj ruturajmd[at]gmail[DoT]CoM.

Accepted Projects edit

WebDAV edit

I am working on an extension which provides a WebDAV / DeltaV / Subversion interface to MediaWiki articles: Extension:WebDAV

The extension enables articles to be browsed and edited with WebDAV or Subversion clients. When complete, it will support editing articles offline, using for example the Subclipse Eclipse IDE plugin or Emacs VC mode.

Visual Diff edit

Visual diffs/2008 project