Google Summer of Code/2009

Accepted projects


For the official list with links to the proposals, google melange.

  • "Turning MediaWiki into an efficient localization platform": Niklas Laxström (Nikerabbit) mentored by Siebrand Mazeland[1]
  • "A universal image rendering and resizing daemon": Zhe Wu mentored by Aryeh Gregor (Simetrical)[2]
  • "Semantic Layers Extension": Jeroen de Dauw mentored by Yaron Koren[3]
  • "Doog - The New Cortado Applet": Gerardo Antonio Cabero mentored by Michael Dale (mdale)[4]

Completed Projects


Mentors needed


The last couple of years we’ve had limited success with the SoC, in part because we’ve been so shorthanded on mentors that we can’t support more than one or two students. I’m looking for a few MediaWiki hackers who’d like to help out this time around…

You’ll need to be reasonably available by e-mail and IRC, and able to help answer the student’s questions and review their progress.

Part of the fun of Summer of Code projects is that we can get somebody excited and involved by working on something that’s big enough that it hasn’t got done yet, but small enough that they can make real progress and hopefully get something in production over the course of a couple months.

The real important part is making sure they feel welcome, and are excited about continuing their involvement in MediaWiki development after they’re done… so let’s make everybody feel at home!

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Student info


Here's our /Application template.

Students expressing interest

Projects ideas!


These are suggestions that people have come up with. Some awesome ideas won't be on this list, and some on this list won't be awesome. :)

MediaWiki core and new extensions

  • Isn't this partially done with Configure?
  • Special page to automatically upgrade/downgrade the database between versions of MediaWiki (which could be hooked into by extensions).
  • Upgrade the installer to allow for automatic download, installation, and configuration of extensions. Include a special page to do live updates of extensions
  • Image rendering and resizing daemon
  • Proper geocoding extension for Wikipedia. This extension would include the coordinates into the articles, have keywords and formatting functions for coordinate output, have a coordinates editor/viewer, allow queries, and possibly generate geotags and geo (microformat). There is already much code for this (e. g. Category:GIS_extensions, map extensions), but the idea would be to combine everything into an extension that would be suitable for deployment on Wikipedia.
  • A micro format parser that eventually replaces DBpedia (geographical parsing, infobox parsing, possibly easier to work with than Semantic MediaWiki).
    • RDFa support is probably even better than Microformats - it'll really replace DBpedia and work with Yahoo! Search Monkey. Note: there was a project last summer to add RDFa support to Semantic MediaWiki.
  • User-configurable cookie-ified date format—even for anonymous users—to properly support an international audience.
  • User-configurable cookie-ified image thumbnail size preference for anonymous users—to support a variety of browsing and communications technology from iPhones to Crays, high speed to pathetic link speeds. Other means of reducing/optimizing bandwidth like a "more" function, or preferred article sections by user preference (lead only, first image only, omit see also, references, etc.)
  • Easy integration of OpenStreetMap maps in articles, preferably by only using coordinates and of course, no images but fully usable JavaScript-enabled maps, pref. based on something like OpenLayers - Husky 12:06, 11 March 2009 (UTC)[reply]
  • Making Wikiportrait into an extension that supports automatic uploads to Commons and easy OTRS integration. - Husky 12:06, 11 March 2009 (UTC)[reply]
  • Improve Visual diffs/2008 project, a GSoC 2008 project
  • MediaWiki to slideshow --Currently at an exploratory stage of development. Uncertain of mentor organisation.
  • Watchlist upgrade, i.e. multiple watchlists on the same project, a global watchlist for m:SUL, etc. See w:Wikipedia:PERSISTENT#Multiple watchlists, etc.
  • Improve spherical, panorama, and 360 viewers with ability to mark items on photos. Toolserver Java demo, papervision has flash code.
  • Interface for adding interwikis with drag'n'drop. See bugzilla:18072.
  • Better support remote archives for video in mediawiki as to support projects like globalLives
  • Create a reply of en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates and WikiMiniAtlas for Mars, Moon, and sky bodies, using the English templates Sky, Moon and Coor Mars. Databases created with this templates could let external projects like Google Sky to link Wikipedia articles.

Existing extensions


Services and other outside technology

  • Make Translation platform more efficient in terms of speed and tools for translators and administrators
    • Particularly automate collection of identical messages when original English message changed/updated. Also automate draft translation of untranslated messages for particular language.
      • Also will be good idea to have tools to check consistency of such messages translations. At least showing them all in table.
  • Wikipedia widget for easy inclusion on other websites that display articles and images based on the content of that page - Husky 12:06, 11 March 2009 (UTC)[reply]
  • A huge problem in Wikipedia is getting editors to add complete, properly formatted citations in their footnotes. A large part of the solution would be to have a browser add-in that:
    • Has the simplicity of WP:CITE, which requires only a right-click and menu selection to generate the wikitext for a citation
    • Can generate cites for the wide range of pages that Zotero can, and more (ISBNs, PubMed, Google Scholar, etc. - see the list here of tools that can be used in various places and ways to generate citations).