Requests for comment/Regex-based blacklist

We need a proper blacklist system to merge the current mishmash and implement much-needed features.

Request for comment (RFC)
Regex-based blacklist
Component General
Creation date
Author(s) MZMcBride
Document status in draft
See Phabricator.
  • Needs to have global (Meta) versions and local versions
  • Needs local whitelists
  • Needs automatic logging
  • Needs a regex checkbox (yes / no)
  • Needs to be able to specify where to apply (page text, edit summaries, log summaries, etc.)
    • Perhaps also be able to specify only certain namespaces?
  • Needs to validate to ensure proper regexes are input
  • Needs to have safety check to ensure we don't ban all normal spaces or the letter K or whatever from page titles
  • Needs Unicode normalization
  • Needs friendly output mode for non-Wikimedia Foundation wikis using the list
  • Needs to warn sysops, but be overrideable upon confirmation
  • URL parameterization
    • Forgot why this is important at the moment, but it's in my notes
  • Usernameblacklist
  • Titleblacklist (affects, page move, creation, upload, new users)
  • Bad image list
  • Spam blacklist
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FYI, Wikia created a spam blocking system called Phalanx which satisfies about half of those requirements already.