GSOC 2013 Improvement of glossary tools

Documentation edit

This is a documentation for features implemented to Lingo or Semantic Glossary that need to be documented

Noglossary tag edit

A new <noglossary> tag was implemented. It allows parser to skip the words and phrases that are enclosed with this tag.


<noglossary>HTML</noglossary> HTML - in this case first "HTML" will not be considered as term.

Integration of ApprovedRevs edit

Integration with ApprovedRevs, allows only approved revisions of terms to be taken into account.

To start using the feature you have to:

  1. Install Extension:Approved_Revs and require_once it in your LocalSettings.php
  2. Set $wgexLingoEnableApprovedRevs = true

Tip: if you never approved Terminology Page in Lingo, then none of the terms will be highlighted. Check it after you start using this feature.

Customizing the tooltip by using template edit

This feature allows to use semantic templates as defnitionss in Semantic Glossary

To start using it you have to:

  1. Set $wgexLingoParseTemplates = true in your LocalSettings.php
  2. Create a custon template.
  3. Write a definition with the usage of this template. Example: [[Glossary-Definition::{{ Template_name | Parameter_1 | Parameter_n }} ]]

Great. Now the tooltip will fully display the output of template. You can use more complex definitions either tables, mediawiki markup, etc.

Monthly Reports edit

June edit

This month I've finished those my tasks connected with Lingo Extension:

  • Finished the Community Bonding Period Checklist
  • Implemented "Ability to turn off the recognition of glossary terms in certain places. Phase 1: <noglossary></noglossary> tags" in Lingo
  • Implemented "Support for multiple definitions per term" in Lingo

July edit

  • Support for word forms. Phase 1: support for synonyms in Semantic Glossary
  • Integration with FlaggedRevs/ApprovedRevs for Lingo

August edit

  • Customizing the tooltip by using a template(for Semantic Glossary)
  • Ability to turn off the recognition of glossary terms in certain places(Lingo). Phase 2: visual interface for turning off in ( was abandoned after, as far as it was not considered on the very start)
  • Documentation and comment
  • Code review.