Himeshi De Silva
Himeshi De Silva
Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka

About me

I am a Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, who is now in the final year of the degree program. I enjoy trying out and learning new things specially in the field of technology. I have had experience in working with mainly Java, JavaScript and PHP.

During my technical internship I also helped co-author a JavaScript reference architecture for large scale applications named BoilerplateJS. More details about the things I've done can be found here

When I'm not studying or working on a project I enjoy playing chess and writing. I work as a volunteer article writer for a few organizations as well.

My work

My project for the Google Summer of Code program is to implement section handling in the Semantic Forms extension.

Semantic Forms extension has provided a useful and convenient way to make structured data, contained within template calls which are easy to create and edit. However at present Semantic Forms does not support structuring of wiki pages by page sections. Accomplishing this project would mean enabling administrators to define page sections in the form definition for the structure of their wiki pages. It would also allow users to add data to those defined page sections using forms in the Semantic Forms extension. This would mean that administrators can define a full page structure and use forms to enforce it.

Contact me

IRC nick : himeshi on freenode

Channel: #semantic-mediawiki connect

Email: himeshidslv at gmail dot com