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I'm Mark Holmquist! Pleased to meet you :) I work for the Wikimedia Foundation as a Software Engineer.

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I also has a User Page on the WMF wiki.

Misc edit

Sometimes people think that "Mark Holmquist" and "Mark Traceur" are two separate people. Those people, thus far, have been counted: 21

Disclaimer edit

I work for the Wikimedia Foundation. This account, however, is my personal account, and I will (henceforth) not make edits during work hours with it. See my WMF account for more.

Scratch paper edit

  1. UploadWizard
  2. Multimedia CR dashboard
  3. Review queue
  4. Ideal merge order
  5. Things being done week of 2013-12-30
  6. Not terribly secret plans