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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Extensions and the translation is 49% complete.

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확장기능이란 무엇일까요?

미디어위키 확장기능

확장기능은 미디어위키에서 부족한 기능이나 모양을 추가해 줍니다

사용자는 기존 확장기능을 찾아보거나 새 확장기능을 요청할 수 있습니다. System administrators can install (or remove) extensions on the MediaWiki installations that they manage. Developers can write new extensions or improve or maintain existing extensions.

확장기능 검색:


확장 기능을 사용하여 다음 같은 기능을 사용 할수 있습니다.:

일부 확장 기능은 위키 개발자 외 다른 개발자 에 의해 만들어 졌습니다. 이러한 문제점 때문에 버그가 있을수 있고 서로 호환이 되지 않을수 있습니다. 일부는 관리가 되지 않는것도 있습니다. As a result, many have bugs, and they are not all guaranteed to be compatible with each other.

I'm v. Ok k Thu mkgkuku thy hģğ my m v ovx hh 

Use any extension, especially those tagged as insecure, at your own risk. 데이터 베이스, 위키 설정 등을 변경 하는 확장 기능을 사용 할때에는 위키가 잘못 되어 복구를 하지 못할수도 있으므로 위키 손상을 방지 하기 위해서는 , 데이터베이스 및 위키 핵심 코드 들을 항상 백업 해야 합니다.

확장기능 찾기

카테고리 별 확장기능 이나 Extension Matrix에서 이미 작성된 확장 기능을 찾을 수 있습니다. For information on installing these extensions or writing your own, see below.

설치된 확장기능 보기

Only someone with administration access to the filesystem (and often the database too) on a server can install extensions for MediaWiki, but anyone can check which extensions are active on an instance of MediaWiki by accessing the Special:Version page. M ö , n this is tttn5yñyyby tt5by htut tut tytyke t5yhuh yknow mm ju j job mm

확장기능 설치

미디어위키는 설치 직후에 확장 기능을 사용할 준비가 됩니다. 확장 기능을 설치하려면 다음 절차들을 거치십시오:

  1. 시작하기 전에
    수많은 확장 기능들은 유닉스 명령어를 이용하여 설치하도록 구성된 지침을 제공합니다. 명령어들을 실행하기 위해서는 셸 접근 권한 (SSH)이 필요합니다.
  2. 확장 기능을 다운로드합니다.
    확장 기능 배포자는 유명한 확장기능들 대부분을 선택, 다운로드할 수 있게 도와줍니다.
    확장 기능들은 보통 모듈식 패키지로 배포됩니다. 그것들은 일반적으로 $IP /extensions/의 하위 디렉토리에 있습니다. Nymmmmmm Some extensions don't use version control and are not recommended.
    Some extensions are also available in bundles, composer or package repositories.
  3. 당신의 확장기능을 설치합니다..
    Generally, at the end of the LocalSettings.php file (but above the PHP end-of-code delimiter, "?>", if present), the following line should be added:
    // mw.v 1.24.x or less
    require_once "$IP/extensions/extension_name/extension_name.php";
    // mw.v 1.25.x or above
    wfLoadExtension( '<extension-name>' );
    This line forces the PHP interpreter to read the extension file, and thereby make it accessible to MediaWiki.
    Some extensions can conflict with maintenance scripts, for example if they directly access $_SERVER (not recommended).
    In this case they can be wrapped in the conditional so maintenance scripts can still run.
//for mw.v 1.24.x or less
if ( !$wgCommandLineMode ) {
   require_once "$IP/extensions/extension_name/extension_name.php";
//for mw.v 1.25.x or above
if ( !$wgCommandLineMode ) {
   wfLoadExtension ( '<extension-name>' );
The maintenance script importDump.php will fail for any extension which requires customized namespaces which is included inside the conditional above such as Extension:Semantic MediaWiki , Extension:Semantic Forms .
필요한 권한이 확장기능에 적용 되어 있는지 반드시 확인 하십시오.
이 설치 방법이 대부분의 확장기능에는 적용 되지만 , 일부는 다른 설치 방법이 필요합니다. 자세한 내용은 확장기능의 설명을 확인 하세요.
If you want to alter configuration variables in LocalSettings.php, you have to do this typically after including the extension. Otherwise defaults defined in the extension will overwrite your settings.
  경고: While extension declaration can be placed in other places within the LocalSettings.php file, never place extensions before the require_once "includes/DefaultSettings.php"; line for MediaWiki versions below 1.17 . Doing so will blank the extension setup function arrays, causing no extensions to be installed, and probably will make your wiki inaccessible until you fix it!

확장기능 업그레이드

Some extensions require to be updated whenever you update MediaWiki, while others work with multiple versions. 확장기능을 새 버전으로 업그레이드시키기:

  1. 새 버전의 확장기능을 설치합니다.
  2. Replace all the extension files in the extension/ExtensionName directory with the new files. Do not remove the extension configuration present in LocalSettings.php
  3. Depending on the extension, you may have to run the Update.php maintenance script. Most extensions will mention if this script needs to be run or not. (Perform backup of your data before executing the script). If you don't have command line access, you can also use the web updater.
  4. That's all you need to do. In most cases any extension configuration you have in LocalSettings.php will also work with the newer version of the extension.
These instructions cover 99% of extensions. If the specific extension you are upgrading has instructions that differ from these, you should probably follow the specific extension's instructions

확장기능 제거

Extensions are added by adding a line to LocalSettings.php, which basically looks like this:

// mw.v 1.24.x or less
require_once "$IP/extensions/extension_name/extension_name.php";
// mw.v 1.25.x or above
wfLoadExtension( '<extension-name>' );
Depending on the extension you want to uninstall additionally other stuff might be done on installation, which you want to undo now. For details see the section on installing an extension.
  1. Remove this line and the extension is uninstalled. If you want to, you can (and if you do not want to use this extension in the future you should) remove the files of this extension inside the folder "extensions/".
  2. Maybe you also have some other lines in LocalSettings.php, which have to do with the extension you want to remove. Most likely this will be lines, which give certain users the right to access pages, which are provided by the extension. These lines contain the variable "$wgGroupPermissions" and make some settings there. As far as they have to do with rights, which come from the removed extension, you can remove these lines as well.
  3. Maybe your extension also has added columns to your database. The updater maintenance/update.php removes them, when you run it, after you have uninstalled the extension.

확장기능 개발

This complex topic is handled on the developing extensions manual page.

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