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Meddeijlonge lohße eine weße, wat för en Neujeschkeijte eine bträfe künnte en einem singe Wikkipehdijas un en anndere Wikkis vun de Wikkimehdija Schtefftong.

Wellkumme op dä Sigg mt dä Dokkemantazjuhn för de Meddeijlonge!. Fröhjer hees_et noch „Äscho“.

Öm ennzeschtälle, wat föe en Benohreeschtejonge mer kritt, jeijd op dä "Benohreeschtejonge" tab of your Enschtällonge on the site.

At the moment, Notifications are deployed on wikis but they are not under active development. As of January 2021, there is no plan to add more features to Notifications. However, suggestions for future improvements are welcomed on the talk page.


De Benohreeschtejonge (Dat Wärkzüsch heeß fröhjer ens „Äscho“) jävve de Metmaacher en de Wikkiehdija un anndere Wikkis vun den Wokkimehdija-Schtefftong flöck et Neußte övver Akßjuhne un Saache, di se beträfe. De Benohreeschtejonge künne de Metmacher hällfe, bäßer bescheid ze weße övver wat med enne ze donn hät un flöcker jät ze donn, woh et paß.

De Projramme woodt vun de Wikkimehdija-Schtefftong iere Ärbeidsjropp för et Angaschemanng beim beärrbeijde un jäds de Ärbeidsjropp för et zesamme Werrke äntwekelt, öm de Minsche drop ze bränge, met mih Aktivitähte aan de Wikkis von de Schtefftong derbei ze sin. Benohreeschtejonge sin jedach un jemaat, öm et älldere Süßtehm vun den Benohreeschtejonge vn dä Wikkis ze äsäzze udder ze verbäßere, un och vill mih üjjeleschkeijte un Ußwahle för de Metmaacher ze behdde.

Before Notifications, the only notifications that the MediaWiki software provided were given through emailed notifications for changes to your watchlist, and an orange bar for changes to your user talk page. The watchlist is quite helpful, but its format is limited. It works well for changes related to pages, but not so well for changes related to users. At the same time, there's no granularity: if a page is watchlisted, you are informed about the next change that happens to it. If a page is not watchlisted, you receive none. Watchlists are useful, and they work well for the job they were designed for, but they don't encompass the whole scope of on-wiki activity. Notification's features, in conjunction with watchlists, can provide a better user experience. Users are able to learn about more events, more easily, and have greater control over what types of information they receive.

Öm mih övver de Meddeijlonge ze äfahre, jangk op de Sigg övver et Projägg op

Der Jebruch

Meddeijlonge jidd et för jehde aanjemälldt Metmaacher vun eijnem vun de Wikkis fun de Wikkimehdija-Schtefftong. Unregistered users cannot get notifications (except for talk page notifications, which are still shown to anonymous users in an orange bar).

Mer han deij Aate, Benohreeschtejonge aanzelohre:

  • on the fly-outs
  • on Wikimedia wikis, notifications from other wikis are displayed on the wiki you visit.

They are named "cross-wiki notifications".

De ongerscheijdlejje Zoote Benohreeschtejonge, di mer krijje kann, sin obb_enne Sigg för sesch opjeföhrt.

Notifications fly-outs

Opmärksahm maache un Warnonge

Wann eine jät määt, wadd enne anndere em Wikki betreff, dann kumme beij dämm bunnte Symbohl-Belldsche nävve der Metmaacher-Nahme op jehde Sigg, di dä affröhf. Dat jelld nit för Meddeijlonge övver de Jränze vum Wikki eruß. When there are no notifications, these badges are grey.

The first badge (red, "alerts") contains most important notification types: new messages on your talk page, mentions, etc. The second badge (blue, "notices") contains less important notifications: pages links, message on other talk pages, etc.

These badges will show the number of new notifications you've received. Clicking on the badges will display a fly-out listing the most recent notifications (see screenshot) and set the badge color to grey again. The number will stay different from zero until you mark-as-read all your notifications for this badge (especially for messages).

You can click on the notification of your choice to find out more about it (see description below). To see all notifications received, you can click on "Alle Meddeijlonge" to go to the notifications archive.

Detailed notification layout

Mark notifications as read and unread.

Here are the most common notifications you can receive. They are all designed with the same pattern:

An icon floated on the left (on the right for right-to-left languages)
A circle floated on the right:
  • filled with blue if the notification is unread
  • white and circled of grey when read
Primary information: Notification title, in bold
Secondary information: Notification details (optional)
Details: at the bottom, with some useful information:
  • always the user who performs the action (with a link to their userpage) and date in a relative format
  • sometimes other information, like the targeted page
  • if needed, a three-dots menu with some options

The whole notifications is a link, usually to a diff that is related to the action you are notified about.

Ähnlejje Benohreeschtejonge udder Benohreeschtejonge vun andere Wikkis sin en Jroppe ojannisehrt.

De Sigg Äxtra:Benohreeschtejonge

To find all your recent notifications, click on "Alle Meddeijlonge" in the fly-out to go to the Special notifications page. On that page, all notifications are displayed by date. Your most recent notifications are listed first on this archive page. On Wikimedia wikis, that page also regroups cross-wiki notifications.

Övver de Jränze vum Wikki

Cross-wiki notifications are displayed on both panels, and regroup notifications from other Wikimedia Foundation hosted wikis. By this way, you can receive notifications about Commons when you are on Wikisource. Mih lässe övver de Meddejlonge övver de Jränze vun e Wikkis eruß.


Zohjang op de Ennschtällonge

You can control what kinds of notifications you get (and how often) by updating your notifications preferences. To check your settings, click on "Enschtällonge" in the fly-out (shown above) – or in the "Alle Meddeijlonge" archive page. (You can also click on "Enschtällonge" in the top right of any page, then select the "Benohreeschtejonge" tab.)

Opt-in and opt-out

If you opt-out of any type of notifications, then these notifications generated while you were opted-out are not generated for you and not stored in databases. Opt-in will not display them afterwards. The only notifications that may be displayed are the one that existed before the opt-out.

Medeijlonge pä e-mail udder em Wikki

To turn notifications on or off for any category, simply check (or uncheck) the box next to it. You can enable (or disable) notifications on the web or by email for most categories. (Some notifications cannot be disabled, such as changes to your user rights or new talk page messages: these notifications are too important to be dismissed.) You can also control how often to receive email notifications, from single emails for each event to daily or weekly digests. When you're done, be sure to click the "Faßhalde" button at the bottom of the page to update your preferences.

Muting users

You can mute on-site notifications from individual users, by typing their username into the box at the bottom of the notifications preferences. When you start typing the usernames will autocomplete. Users without JavaScript should type one username per line, without any wikitext or prefix.

You will still receive notifications if a muted user writes or participates on your user talk page (no matter if the page uses Flow or unstructured wikitext), or reviews a page you have created. Watchlist behavior and emails are not affected by the mute list.

The muted user will still receive a successful mention notification, if they've enabled that preference. A user's mute list is private from all other users on the wiki, including administrators or any other functionary.

Muting pages

Muting pages is possible for "page linked" notifications.

You can mute "page linked" notifications for a page by typing the page name into the box at the bottom of the notifications preferences.

When you start typing the page titles will autocomplete.

Users without JavaScript should type one page title per line, without any wikitext or prefix.

Community blacklisting

There is a site-wide list of accounts that cannot trigger notifications at MediaWiki:Echo-blacklist, which can be overridden by users at Special:MyPage/Echo-whitelist. (This feature and its configuration pages will be renamed, see task T255557)

Community configuration

Special:DisplayNotificationsConfiguration displays the local configuration for each notification type.


Mer dähte jähn hühre, wad_Er övver de Meddeijlonge dängk. To discuss your suggestions with other users, visit this project talk page.

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