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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Watchlist and the translation is 64% complete.

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Yer watchleet is ae displey fer keepin track o chynges, similar til the Recynt chyngesHelp:Recent changes displey, bit leemitit til shawin chynges yinlie across yer set o "watched" pages. Yae can see yer watchleet bi follaein the "Ma watchleet" link in yer accoont menu (oan the tap richt). This featur is yinlie available til uisers that hae registerit n loggit in.

Afore ye see oniething interestin here, ye actuallie hae tae add some pages til yer watchleet. Dae sae bi naveegatin til ae page that interests ye, n clap oan the stair icon (Vector skin - page not in the watchlist.png) or "Watch" tab.

The watchleet featur is mainlie uissfu oan aen aafa busie wiki whaur the "Recynt chynges" displey becomes ower muckle tae haunle wi monie chynges that ye dinna want tae follae. Oan ae typeecal low traffeec wiki, ye can normallie see aw o the eeditin acteevitie across the hale wiki wioot feelin owerwhelmed. Oan ae mair busie wiki ye'll fynd that monie eedits ar takin place oan pages that ye personlie fynd less interestin. Tae heelp keep track o chynges that ar mair interestin, stairt watchin pages!

Typiclie ye'd watch pages relatit til yer interest airts, n forby pages whaur ye care maist aneat the content. Gif ye mak ae signeefeecant eedit til ae page, that ye micht want tae watch the page (sae that ye ken whan thair's onie follae-up eedits). Mynd that thaur's ae checkkist oan the eedit screen ("Watch this page") fer this purpose ava.

Oan the watchleet displey, some page names appear in baud. This shaws whather or na ye'v veesited the page tae see the chynge. It's a bit like read/onread emails in aen email inkist. The "Recynt chynges" displey will hae some new baud heilichtin ava, bit fer a differant raison. Here baud is jist shawin eedits til pages oan yer watchleet.

Email notifications

According to the relevant preferences, changes to pages you watch may also be notified to you by email. The main preference for this is "Wab-mail me whan ae page or file on ma watchleet is chynged".

After receiving an email notification for a page, you have to visit the page while logged in if you want to be notified of further changes to the same page.

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