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如果你刚注册,你的用户帐号会被创建,但你还不会有用户页和讨论页。 这时你就可以创建你个人的用户页。右上角有前往你的用户页的链接。 更重要的是,其他人可以在各种各样的地方看到前往你的用户页的链接,以协助维基合作。 这些包括“最近更改”和“页面历史”页面(详见 Help:Tracking changes)。 你还可以在一个维基页面的文本中添加你的用户页的链接,这主要于你在讨论页面里签上你的名字时用。

如果你还未注册,你的身份就是你当前的IP地址。 此时就不存在任何用户页和讨论页。 这个IP用户的讨论页会在其添加的第一个文章时自动创建。 这时你才能为这个IP地址创建用户页。


User pages are just as flexible as any other wiki page, and it's a page all about you, so generally people will leave you to freely write your user page in whatever format you like. It's a feature to help other people know who you are, and to bring the online community closer together. Think of it as a “profile” page. You might like to mention where you are from and what your job is. You can also state what your main areas of interest are in relation to the topic of the wiki, and describe contributions you have made or areas where you are interested in contributing.

User scratchpad / development area

You can use your user page as a scratchpad. An area for developing ideas without cluttering the main namespace (see Help:Namespaces). If subpages are enabled (see Help:Subpages), you may find them useful for creating sub pages under your user page. However you should avoid expending too much effort within your own area of the wiki. Be bold! Edit the main wiki articles! If your wiki has a shared Sandbox page, you can also use it for quick (non-permanent) wiki experimentation.


As mentioned above, you will see links to other people's user pages, in various places throughout the wiki.




It's generally considered bad etiquette to rewrite or reword another person's user page. You should not change content on someone else’s user page without their permission. Editing is not disallowed, but you should avoid adding information (or especially opinions) which might be misinterpreted as coming from that user, in situations where this could potentially cause upset. Some types of edit are widely acceptable, and unlikely to cause upset:

  • Fixing internal links, when a page has been moved or deleted
  • Fixing broken external links
  • Categorizing or fixing categories of user pages.


Every user page has an associated talk page; a "user talk page". This is a special kind of talk page, for leaving messages directed at a particular user. See Help:Talk pages#User talk pages.


要創建一個到自己用戶頁的鏈接,可以使用Special:MyPage來達到目的。 类似的,要链接到用户讨论页,可使用Special:MyTalk