Help:Growth/Tools/How to claim a mentee

The following procedure is only applicable to wikis where the Growth tools are available .
Interface for claiming mentees in Growth's Newcomer homepage
This function available at all Wikipedias where a list of mentors has been created and activated. It allows mentors to claim a mentee from another mentor, in order to work with them on their first steps on the wiki.

Context edit

Since May 2019, the Growth team is working on the Newcomer homepage project. This feature is only available on a short list of wikis.

Part of this project is to assign each newbie an experienced mentor. This mentor is randomly selected from the list of experienced users who volunteered to be mentors.

Originally, it wasn't possible to change the mentor, which could've caused some troubles for wiki instructors, who might want to be a mentor for all their participants, and also for other groups of people. Since January 2020, it is possible for any listed mentor to change the assigned mentor for any newbie.

Since November 2020, it is possible to register as a mentor who can only claim mentees, but not being assigned to random mentors. The procedure to claim the mentee is the same, as for regular mentors. To enable this feature, a wiki needs to create a separate list, and ask for a configuration change to be made. For more information, see information about separate list.

How-to edit

Notification the mentee will see after their mentor was changed

Mentors can claim a mentee by:

  1. check the mentee's edits to see if they have already interacted with their mentor. If so, please inform the mentor about your action.
  2. Going to Special:ClaimMentee
  3. entering the name of mentee they want to claim; optionally, you can also enter multiple mentees at once
  4. filling a reason (for instance, I teach this user at an off-wiki course)
  5. submitting the form.

The action will be successful even in cases the user didn't have any mentor set previously. However, it does not enable the homepage for the users: they have to enable it.

All usages of this interface are logged at Special:Log. If you want to filter just Growth-related changes, you can use Special:Log/growthexperiments.

Changing the mentor will automatically create an Echo notification to the mentee, so they will be informed about this change.

This notification encourages the mentee to contact their new mentor.

If a mentee wants to change their mentor, they have to ask a mentor to claim them.

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