Team Practices Group/Evidence-Based Project Planning


TPG wants to help teams draw on evidence, to the extent practical, when constructing narratives about their work and using those narratives to plan and make decisions. This includes using defining goals and using burnup charts to measure progress, measuring new work versus maintanance work, and estimation and forecasting. This effort encompasses several software tools


WMF work is generalyl tracked in Phabricator (and Gerrit).


The TCB team at WMDE has been working on an external tool called Phragile, which has several features, including the ability to generate burnup charts directly from a Phabricator project.


Joel of the Team Practices Group has been working on a set of python/SQL/R scripts which can generate burnup charts and other visualizations from a sanitized dump of the Phabricator database. This solution is known as "phlogiston", which fits the "ph" naming of tools related to phabricator, and means "burning up" in Greek. Read more about the Phlogiston theory on wikipedia.

Teams piloting PhlogistonEdit

  • Android
  • Community Tech
  • iOS
  • Reading Web
  • Team Practices Group
  • VisualEditor


Notes and ReportsEdit