Meeting Notes/2016-01-13 CT Phlogison

Attendees: Joel A, Danny H, Kevin S

Review current phlogiston output and previous bugsEdit

  • Successfully removed Freezer and Blocked
  • Backlog ("other") doesn't seem to have shrunk accordingly
    • Because "other" was listed above other categories
  • New milestones are now visible
  • Maintenance fraction is not visible, because Danny hasn't been categorizing them, or perhaps because nothing has been closed recently


  • Joel: All velocities should default to 1 point per week, so there is always data
  • Joel: Send config instructions to Danny
  • Danny: Update priorities of projects in config
  • Joel: Feature request: Possibilities dump filter to only today (instead of features * days)
  • Joel: Feature request: Burnup (and maybe everything) should exclude what was closed before the start of the quarter
  • Joel: Scheduled next checkin for about a month from now
  • Joel: Feature request from Kevin: Fix scaling of revslider burnup charts