Meeting Notes/2016-01-20 Android Phlogiston


How to get Forecasts for goals? Need both Estimates and velocities.

What can we do with existing unpointed stories (about 500?) Can use a histogram of Android resolved, pointed tasks in order to look for patterns and maybe select a default point value for unpointed stories (e.g. 2).  don't set default in Phlog because that will point bugs and spikes.

Set a default value for pointing in story estimation? Watch out for anchor effect.

What is Android's definition of points?

if a default story is 2, and 2 = 1 dev day, then if a dev is still working on something at end of day, they should decompose the task. Accurate forecasting requires a steady stream of smaller tasks getting closed (this is also good for non-forecasting reasons).

(Joel to check # of tasks done per dev per week right now)

Consider closing tasks before end of sprint.  Find a routine so that this happens consistently.

How to get estimates for existing goals?

For Sync Saved Pages and Analytics for Preloads and WP0, full scope of work should already be covered by existing stories in the backlog (currently seen by Phlogiston as "Other"), though they aren't associated with the goal and may not be pointed.

For Gather Collections, some existing tasks in Other may belong here, plus need to do more work breakdown. Could do some high-level breakdown for Gather Collections and assign some high-point epics, as a stepping stone to full work breakdown.  OR, just do regular work breakdown and estimation for this.

This covers Q3 goals; talk about Q4 goals later.

Next StepsEdit

  1. Joel to create histogram of completed, pointed Android stories
  2. Joel to report on # of tasks done per dev per week
  3. Dmitry to close Done stories and continue doing so, rather than wait for end of Sprint.
  4. Dmitry to assign existing tasks to Sync Saved Pages and Analytics... milestones via "Blocks" relationships
  5. Dmitry to do work breakdown for Gather Collections