Meeting Notes/2015-12-15 Weekly Charting Meeting

  1. status of our goals: maintenance Fraction
    1. need five teams to do sample - DONE
    2. need two teams to do ongoing
      1. currently VE is tracking (via Tranches) and, looking at worktype, at least 2 more teams are using the tags
      2. TODO: Joel to add Phlog feature to make maintenance fraction report indicate its reliability T121600
  2. next steps for MF? T121600
    1. Arthur: what have we learned from MF?
      1. Joel: need to answer that in context of what this will be used for.  Wes has a request for "what new work teams can take on" but MF is only a portion of the answer.
      2. Kevin: have to understand teams' individual definitions
      3. Arthur: ask teams what value are they getting from this right now?
  3. goal: three teams using burnups
    1. VE is in its third or fourth iteration of using burnups
    2. Community-Tech is in its first iteration of collecting and interpreting data
    3. Reading Web hasn't started its first iteration
  4. how do we document what we've learned from burnup piloting? T121601
    1. Phlog documentation already documents some lessons (e.g., chart that looks like this means X)
    2. Arthur: do we also want feedback from teams?  Yes.  We have a notion for "what decisions have teams made differently based on this data" but can't find that text? 
  5. Arthur is writing up Phab tasks for our new TODOs. (should be added to these notes once they are wikified)
  6. Joel to put these notes in a wiki page
    1. Add Kristen to meeting