Meeting Notes/2016-01-11 Android Phlogiston

JA: Phlogiston comes out of trying to do basic scrum stuff with Phab, but Phab doesn't have the reporting tools to do that. The premise is we want to help people on teams have the stories that they tell themselves and others be based in evidence.

DB: Android, pattern we see in recent sprints is we're over eager in the amount of points we take on and we hardly ever meet our commitments. Also, it would be good to have a visual representation of maintenance tasks vs new features and have a sense that maitenance tasks are declining and new features are ramping up more and more. We want to get back to putting out work that is measurably more valuable to users. Max: trying to get back to user-driven development, releases measurably valuable to users.

DB: I'm new to this, so I'd love to be told how to do the right thing. This is Dmitry's first Agile Scrum team; still learning components of real Scrum team. Max: In a similar boat, happy to be stupid for both of us.

JA: Sprint burnups might be better with Phragile. For ex, "in 8 working days, will we meet our commitment?" Phlogiston is deeper than that. VE is a mature example. They use Phlogiston to measure things like, "will this feature be done this quarter?" Phlogiston is a little rough around the edges, too. Testing data against the narrative helps keep the "truth" clear.

DB: Should we track points or count??

JA: If you want to know if you're going to finish something a long time from now, you need to estimate with story points. Because then you can create big placeholders, e.g., 100+ point stories. If you use only count, then your placeholder has to be 100 dummy tasks or even 100 fully detailed tasks.

JA: We need to correct Phlogiston outputs to reflect Android's two week sprints (it's on one-weeks right now).

JA: What is your goal this Q?

DB: ... "gather" ... ...

JA: How defined?

DB: High level. There is a Phabricator master task on the board.

What value do you see getting out of this this quarter?

DB: Meeting our goals.

JA: Next meeting: nuts and bolts of how to configure Phabricator to report out accurately.