Meeting Notes/2016-02-03 iOS Phlogiston

Next Steps from Last meeting

  1. Mark all quarterly goals (highest "parent" Phab ticket) as Milestone
    1. Josh marked during the meeting.
    2. May do more later in the quarter; this is the guinea pig.
  2. All tasks must remain in at least one of Wikipedia-iOS-App-Product-Backlog or Wikipedia-iOS-...-Development.
  3. All child tasks of Milestones must be assigned as descendents (via "Blocks")
  4. Make sure source and recategorization are current (finished during meeting)

Review new Phlogiston burnupsEdit

How are we counting resolved?

Used to not mark them Resolved until Apple accepted the build.

Max: Were using "TSG" contractor QA approval? Josh: No, current definition is Product Owner has seen feature after QA and design have reviewed and approved.

Can we do a histogram of resolved story points by priority?

Where to store Milestones in Phabricator?Edit

  1. must be in a project that Phlogiston imports for your Project ("iOS").
    1. Could be in an existing board, but what column?
      1. a new "Epic" column in an existing board
    2. Could be a new board, but shouldn't have any out-of-scope stuff (like iOS+Android board) because that would show up in the count under Other
  2. When do you create tasks from a Milestone?
    1. Already have tasks, creating the Milestone to group and report on them
    2. For that, how often and how are you going to test against the Milestone Criteria and create more tasks?
      1. in an existing weekly meeting
    3. Going forward, create new high-level milestones in advance, and then break them into tasks in weekly planning
    4. Can we create a complete list of Milestones (one level smaller than Release 5.0) now?
      1. Mostly. What % of high-level milestones can be defined (at a title level) as of today? Josh: Maybe 90%.

What name would you call what we currently call "Milestone" in Phlogiston? Milestone, Objective, Deliverable, Achievable?

Josh: Milestone. Actually, I tend to call them Epics. Deliverable doesn't quite fit because some may not have a Deliverable.

Next StepsEdit

  1. Max and Josh to tag some more Milestones to show up in Phlogiston. done in meeting.
  2. Max and Josh to talk to iOS team about where in Phabricator to store new Milestones
  3. Max to add new Milestones to ios_recategorization.csv
  4. Joel to produce report on uncategorized tasks
  5. Max and Josh to use report to assign uncategorized tasks