Meeting Notes/2016-02-17 CT Phlogiston

Review of Latest DataEdit

danny: looks like we've narrowed down on the Wikiproject tools. this is what i would expect.

Looking at Recently Closed, trying to figure out why it's [dark green]. Is that all we've closed this week?

I'm surprised not to see Wayback Machine (Archive)? What did we call it? We changed the name of the parent ticket (T120433) - didn't realize that changing the name of the ticket would break that.

Why does it say Pageview Stats is done? Checked - yes, data is accurate (3 tickets in real life, but 1 is not in CoT projects and 1 was just added)

Main thing we are doing is Wayback machine, and investigating Numerical Sorting.

Are you pointing enough to forecast? Yes, except for Other.

Are you doing Other? Shouldn't be very much. currently is more than half, by points and count, each of the last 2 weeks. (Maybe that's miscategorized Wayback)

Do you want list of recently closed to go back further? Yes. 2 weeks.

Fix Wayback Machine categorization string match - done during meeting.

Re-check: should see something, maybe even a useful forecast, and recently closed should be categorized, and other should drop to maybe 1/week.

Update sort order - done during meeting in recat file.

To get better forecasts, try identifying high-level work in categories and adding some high-point Epics. E.g., if non-English languages use something other than Wayback Machine, each different approach could be a different 100-point epic in the Archive Dead Links category.

Review of issues from last meetingEdit

  • Joel: All velocities should default to 1 point per week, so there is always data
    • Done
  • Joel: Send config instructions to Danny
  • Danny: Update priorities of projects in config
    • Done
  • Joel: Feature request: Possibilities dump filter to only today (instead of features * days)
    • Done
  • Joel: Feature request: Burnup (and maybe everything) should exclude what was closed before the start of the quarter
    • n/a
  • Joel: Scheduled next checkin for about a month from now
    • n/a
  • Joel: Feature request from Kevin: Fix scaling of revslider burnup charts
    • done

Next StepsEdit

Fix Recently Closed list to go back 2 weeks.

Joel to schedule a followup in ~1 month.