Meeting Notes/2015-12-22 Weekly Charting Meeting

Updates on meeting with Wes about Maintenance Fraction and meeting with Danny to review Community Tech burnups.


Should we morph the Charting meeting from Charting to fulfilling the metrics-related goals?

  • Do we then have TPG "product" meetings for each of the TPG goals?
    • consensus: yes, we should treat the Charting meeting as a weekly review of our metric-related goals.
  • Strategy functions as a weekly "product" meeting for the team.  Should we have three "product" meetings for TPG every week (for three Q3 Goals)?
    • The third goal probably doesn't need regular meetings.
  • does all of TPG need to participate in each meeting?
    • Unclear.

What's the best way to get teams to adopt these techniques?

  • pull from above - come to TPG to get help fulfilling your mandates
  • push - TPG bugs teams repeatedly to try this stuff, "sells" the value of the techniques until teams see it for themselves, keep re-focusing people
  • sharing - get teams who have adopted to push ideas to other teams

next stepsEdit

  1. Joel and Kevin draft a Milestone roadmap of process change that would have to happen to have teams do fully evidence-based; expect that this is not possible in Q3 to support current annual planning cycle.  If that's true, also create a roadmap for what we think we can do in Q3. T122256
  2. Joel and Kevin recycle work from previous step as the milestone roadmap for the Q3 goals metrics goals (example from Q2) T122257
  3. We should start referring to Milestone roadmaps during "product" meetings.
  4. Joel to write up these minutes, and circulate these plus earlier MF meeting notes to TPG.