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Pywikibot은 미디어위키 사이트에서 작업을 자동화하는 파이썬 라이브러리 및 도구 모음입니다. 원래 위키백과용으로 설계된 이 도구는 현재 위키미디어 재단의 모든 프로젝트와 다른 많은 미디어위키 위키에서 사용됩니다.

이 프로젝트는 2003년에 시작되었으며 현재 코어(core) 버전은 9.2.1입니다. It features full API usage and is up-to-date with new MediaWiki features and a Pythonic package layout. But it also works with older installations of 미디어위키 1.27 or higher.

Pywikibot supports Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux when used with a compatible version of Python. It should also work on any other operating system that has a compatible version of Python installed. To check whether you have Python installed and to find its version, just type "python" at the CMD or shell prompt.

Python 3.7 or higher is currently required to run the bot.

Python can be downloaded here.

$ python -m pip install pywikibot

For more information, see here.

구성 요소

Two master folders are present in the library archive:

  • pywikibot contains all the master files, that will interact with MediaWiki websites.

It's the master part of the library: they're used when you load PWB in your own Python scripts and when you launch plug-and-play tools.

  • scripts contains already written, known and proven scripts.

They are ready to be used. See the list and docs for each one in 메뉴얼:Pywikibot/스크립트 .

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