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Patrolled edits is a feature which allows specific users to mark new pages and items in Special:RecentChanges as "patrolled", meaning "approved". By default this is only available if you have the sysop permission; many wikis grant a 'patrol' permission to groups of users.

This feature is useful when reviewing recent changes for undesirable edits, link spam and vandalism. This allows people (with permission to do so) to coordinate their patrolling activity, such that edits get checked over once, with less wasted effort (different people checking the same edit).

This feature also allows setting trustworthy users' edits to be automatically patrolled, so that the people who review recent changes need not spend time to make unnecessary review.

편집을 검토됨으로 표기하기Edit

To mark an edit as patrolled
  1. Access Special:RecentChanges
    Changes which are not patrolled display with a red exclamation mark (!).
  2. Click the (diff) link next to an edit.
  3. To mark the edit as patrolled, click the Mark as patrolled link.
To mark a new page as patrolled
  1. Access Special:NewPages
    New pages which are not patrolled display with a yellow background.
  2. To mark a new page as patrolled, visit it and click the [Mark this page as patrolled] link near the bottom of the page.

Hiding patrolled edits from recent changesEdit

Patrolled edits can be hidden from recent changes by adding &hidepatrolled=1 to the URL in the following form:

Note: this works only for users with the patrol or patrolmarks right. This might change after task T44246 is solved in future.



MediaWiki version: 1.4

Patrolled edits are enabled by default in MediaWiki 1.4 and later. To disable this, set $wgUseRCPatrolManual:$wgUseRCPatrol in LocalSettings.phpManual:Configuration settings to false.

$wgUseRCPatrol = false;


MediaWiki version: 1.4

In MediaWiki 1.4, patrolled edits are enabled for all users. To restrict this to sysops, set $wgOnlySysopsCanPatrol in LocalSettings.phpManual:Configuration settings to true.

$wgOnlySysopsCanPatrol = true;

MediaWiki version: 1.5

In MediaWiki 1.5 and later, patrolled edits are enabled for sysops. Use the $wgGroupPermissionsManual:$wgGroupPermissions configuration variable to assign this to new or existing user groups. See Manual:User rights management.

예를 들면, 검토자 그룹을 생성하려면:

$wgGroupPermissions['patrollers']['patrol'] = true;

자동 검토Edit

MediaWiki versions: 1.6 – 1.8

In MediaWiki 1.6 through 1.8, there is a user preference available to users who are able to mark edits as patrolled. When set, this causes their edits to be patrolled automatically.

이 옵션은 만약 검토 된 편집이 비활성화 되어있다면 제공되지 않습니다.

MediaWiki version: 1.9

미디어위키 1.9 에서 이 사용자 환경 설정은 삭제되었으며 새 "자동검토(autopatrol)" 권한으로 교체되었습니다, 그리고 기본적으로 시스템관리자에게만 적용됩니다. 또한, 사용자들은 자기자신의 편집을 검토 됨으로 표시할 수 없습니다.


검토되지 않음 (unpatrolled) 편집 표시의 서식은 CSS를 사용하여 바뀔 수 있습니다.

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