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راهنمای افزونهٔ مدیاویکی
وضعیت انتشار: پایدار
انجام رابط کاربری, Page action
توضیحات ابزاری است که به ویرایشگران امکان می‌دهد تا مقاله‌ای را با کمک ترجمهٔ ماشینی و سایر ابزارهای ترجمه، از یک زبان به زبان دیگر ترجمه کنند.
نویسنده(گان) گروه زبان
سیاست سازگاری Snapshots releases along with MediaWiki. Master is not backward compatible.
MediaWiki 1.37+
PHP 7.2+
تغییر پایگاه داده بله
Composer mediawiki/content-translation
جدول‌ها cx_translations
مجوز GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
راهنما Help:Extension:ContentTranslation/fa
  • $wgContentTranslationEnableSuggestions
  • $wgContentTranslationTargetNamespace
  • $wgContentTranslationContentImportForSectionTranslation
  • $wgContentTranslationDomainCodeMapping
  • $wgContentTranslationCXServerAuth
  • $wgContentTranslationEnableAnonSectionTranslation
  • $wgContentTranslationExcludedNamespaces
  • $wgContentTranslationCluster
  • $wgContentTranslationAsBetaFeature
  • $wgContentTranslationTranslateInTarget
  • $wgContentTranslationDevMode
  • $wgRecommendToolAPIURL
  • $wgDraftMaxAge
  • $wgContentTranslationEnableUnifiedDashboard
  • $wgContentTranslationEnableMT
  • $wgSectionTranslationTargetLanguages
  • $wgContentTranslationEnableSectionTranslation
  • $wgContentTranslationSiteTemplates
  • $wgContentTranslationUnmodifiedMTThresholdForPublish
  • $wgContentTranslationVersion
  • $wgContentTranslationPublishRequirements
  • $wgContentTranslationCampaigns
  • $wgContentTranslationDatabase
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افزونه ترجمهٔ محتوا ابزاری است که به ویرایشگران امکان می‌دهد تا مقاله‌ای را با کمک ترجمهٔ ماشینی و سایر ابزارهای ترجمه، از یک زبان به زبان دیگر ترجمه کنند. برای اطلاعات بیشتر، ترجمه محتوا را ببینید. این افزونه توسط تیم مهندسی زبان ویکی‌مدیا توسعه یافته‌است.


This extension requires a Content Translation server to be setup first. Morover it has three extension dependencies.
  • Download and move the extracted ContentTranslation folder to your extensions/ directory.
    Developers and code contributors should install the extension from Git instead, using:cd extensions/
    git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/ContentTranslation
  • Only when installing from Git, run Composer to install PHP dependencies, by issuing composer install --no-dev in the extension directory. (See وظیفه T173141 for potential complications.)
  • کد زیر را در انتهای $LocalSettings خودتان اضافه کنید:
    wfLoadExtension( 'ContentTranslation' );
  • اسکریپت به‌روزرسانی اجرا کنید تا به طور خودکار جدول‌های پایگاه داده‌ها ضروری که این افزونه نیازمند دارد را ایجاد کند.
  •   انجام شد – به Special:Version در ویکی خودتان بروید تا مطئمن شوید که افزونه با موفقیت نصب شده است.

Vagrant installation:

  • اگر از Vagrant استفاده می‌کنید، با vagrant roles enable contenttranslation --provision نصب کنید

Content Translation server

The extension needs the Content Translation server (a.k.a. cxserver) up and running. See Content translation/cxserver/Setup for setting up the Content Translation server. When running Content Translation locally, following can be added to LocalSettings.php to use production cxserver:

$wgContentTranslationSiteTemplates['cx'] = 'https://cxserver.wikimedia.org/v1';

پایگاه دادۀ ترجمه‌ها

این افزونه دارای یک ویژگی داشبورد اختیاری است که به مترجمان اجازه می‌دهد همه ترجمه‌ها را در میان همه زبان‌ها ببینند. در نصب چند زبانه این افزونه، به عنوان مثال در ویکی‌های ویکی‌مدیا، برای ارائه ویژگی داشبورد به یک پایگاه داده مرکزی نیاز است. Table definitions for that database are in sql directory in the extension source code; Content translation/Product Definition/Database has more details. Once database is created, set the $wgContentTranslationDatabase global configuration variable as the name of database:

$wgContentTranslationDatabase = 'db_name';

وابستگی‌های افزونه

ترجمهٔ محتوا وابسته به افزونه‌های زیر است:

UniversalLanguageSelector Required
VisualEditor Required Required for editor component.
Cite Required Required if you want to support references while translating.
GuidedTour Optional If installed, it will be used to show an explanation about moving a page out of user space.
Echo Optional If installed, it will be used for showing "congratulations" notifications after completing translation milestones.
Wikibase Optional If installed and configured similarly to Wikipedia, it will be used for automatic addition of interlanguage links (as sitelinks).
EventLogging Optional If installed, can be used to log publishing, errors, and other events.
BetaFeatures Optional If installed, ContentTranslation will appear as a beta feature in the preferences.

Configuration variables

For the full list and defaults, see extension.json in the source repository.

Used to map between non-standard language codes and actual domains. The default is the same as in Wikipedia codes and domains.
Configuration of RESTBase URL and connection parameters. The defaults are for Wikipedia.
The name of the database in which the common tables for managing translations across wikis are stored. The default is null, which means that the default database is used.
In a Wikipedia-like database configuration, the name of the cluster on which the database is hosted. The default is null, which means that the default cluster is used.
Whether EventLogging is enabled. The default is false.
A category to which pages that have a high level of machine translation are added upon publishing. The default is null.
Templates for essential URLs. The defaults assume Wikipedia, so this variable must be configured differently for other sites. Where relevant, $1 is replaced by the language code, and $2 is replaced by the page title.
Whether to open Special:ContentTranslation in the target wiki when clicking the button in the entry point. The domain will be based on $wgContentTranslationSiteTemplates. The default is to open Special:ContentTranslation on the same wiki. (For Wikipedia this is set to true.)
Whether ContentTranslation is a beta feature.
The default target namespace for published articles. The default is Main.
Campaigns that are available in the URL as valid values for the campaign parameter in the URL. This allows automatic enabling of the beta feature and event logging.
CXServer connection configuration.
Whether to use the suggestions tab and automatic suggestions. This needs the GapFinder API. This is false by default, but true in Wikipedia.
The URL for the GapFinder API, needed if ContentTranslationEnableSuggestions is true.

Url parameters

Content Translation mainly works on the special page Special:ContentTranslation. The URL parameters are

  • page: source title
  • targettitle: target title
  • from: source language
  • to: target language
  • campaign: campaign name
    • In Wikimedia wikis, if content translation is not enabled in the user settings then only links to pre-defined campaign will work. Campaings are defined in InitialiseSettings.php wmgContentTranslationCampaigns variable.


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