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Check the discussion page for Content Translation for general discussion about the tool, reporting issues you found while translating, discuss its design or suggesting improvements.

"Translate to" button not working

1 (talkcontribs)

Im trying to translate my content from english to some other language In Translation window, when i try to change language for translation through the slider at right top corner where it says English and its the source language, the button isnt working. It is supposed to show other languages when it slides down.I have already installed other extension like Universal Language selector too but its still not working.

Please help

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Content translation for our wiki (not wikipedia!)

Bliblo123456 (talkcontribs)

Hi developer team, I already had the chance to write with Amir, but he asked me to open a discussion here. I really hope you could help me.

Background story: we have a EU project about beekeeping in Ethiopia and Indonesia and therefore created a wiki. The aim is to extend it to other countries and languages. So far, you have to create a new page indepentently of the actual English page to add another language.. Therefore I want to include the awesome content translator.

But we have a problem: it does not work!

we installed the following:

-content translator ext.

-universal language ext.


we also meet the system requirements.

So do you have a clue, what is missing here? Is the row "$wgContentTranslationSiteTemplates ['cx'] = 'https://cxserver.wikimedia.org/v1' enough?

By the way: the wiki is called SAMSwiki. YOu find it here: https://wiki.sams-project.eu/index.php/Main_Page

Thanks in advance,


KartikMistry (talkcontribs)


Can you please post exact errors (from the browser console or anything else)?

KartikMistry (talkcontribs)
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Other Wikimedia projects

Klein Muçi (talkcontribs)

Is it possible to use this extension to other Wikimedia projects like Wikiquote?

Jsamwrites (talkcontribs)

And Wikidata as well?

Klein Muçi (talkcontribs)

How would you use it at Wikidata? It only has one language.

Klein Muçi (talkcontribs)
Jsamwrites (talkcontribs)

Wikidata supports multiple languages. If contentTranslation is supported on Wikidata, it would be helpful to translate multilingual labels, aliases and description

Klein Muçi (talkcontribs)

Oh, I see now. It is a bit of an unconventional use though comparing but nothing too different.

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do we need dump of english wikipedia to load content translation page to other language?

Ramu ummadishetty (talkcontribs)

while setting up CT tools i am unable to load the translation page

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if we are using contenttranslation tools in mediawiki do we need dump to be imported?

Ramu ummadishetty (talkcontribs)

after installation of contenttranslation tool i am unable to load page for translation.

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Is there a way to make this work with WikiEditor

AssetDenmark (talkcontribs)

I can not get Parsoid to work! And I thus use WikiEditor rather than VisualEditor - can I somehow make Extension:ContentTranslation work with WikiEditor or will i need Parsoid as well?

(Never mind, I can see that I need even more non-wiki setup, so I need to look into my old GoogleTranslate, or use some external translation tool... :-/ )

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How to use it on a private wiki?

Ken Ookami Horo (talkcontribs)

Now it will raise a "cx-error-page-not-found" exception if set wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false; . So is there some idea ?

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Problem with finding article, when try to translate

Viiictorrr (talkcontribs)


I would like to complain about translation page. When I try to translate, for example, from be-tarask (article Васіль Захарка) into Ukrainian, I just can`t find article and can`t translate.

But, when I do the same action from simple Belorussian to Ukrainian, there is no problem with finding article. What`s the problem?

I can see error when opening be-tarask page in translator .(⧼cx-error-page-not-found⧽)


It seems this is a bug.

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Installation on a Wiki Family Sharing same resources and without CentralAuth

Atef81 (talkcontribs)


I am setting up a new wiki Family on my server using the "Multiple wikis sharing common resources" method. the url setup is like this:

https://wiki.mywebsite.com/en for English, https://wiki.mywebsite.com/de for German...etc

Since it is a new installation, I don't have CentralAuth, I was thinking of using a shared database as suggested by the CentralAuth Extension documentation here.

I read your discussion from a couple of years ago, but I am unable to determine the following:

1- Can the extension translate page names? so can I achieve:

https://wiki.mywebsite.com/en/the_Sun for English, https://wiki.mywebsite.com/de/Die_Sonne for German?

2- Can it work with the type of wikifamily I mentioned above?

3- Can it work withthe shared db, in lieu of the CentralAuth extension?

4- Does it translate Category names?

Thanks a lot.

Amire80 (talkcontribs)
  1. Yes, in Content Translation you can give the page any name you want.
  2. I'm not sure that I understand the kind of wiki family you have. Is it CentralAuth or not? I certainly recommend CentralAuth, because it will allow interlanguage links like in Wikipedia, and clean separation between each language version. It will work also without CentralAuth, and it will simply publish everything to the same wiki, and you'll either have to tell your users to take care of the naming, or to add a patch to Content Translation that will give such names automatically. (We only focus on Wikipedia's needs, but patches that add support for other kinds of architectures are very sincerely welcome.)
  3. Yes, it has its own shared DB. See the "Translation database" section. CentralAuth is highly recommended for convenient user account handling and separation between languages. It's a bit tricky to set up (to be honest, the last time I did it myself was in 2012), but it's much more convenient once it's done.
  4. Yes, but only if:
    1. You set up separate wikis.
    2. You set up interlanguage links.
    3. The corresponding category pages exist on both wikis, and are linked using an interlanguage link.
Atef81 (talkcontribs)

@Amire80 Thanks you very much for the detailed response.

As for the type of wiki family I have, it is the  "Multiple wikis sharing common resources" (link to the exact spot in the documentation). I currently don't have CentralAuth, as the centralAuth documentation advise against installing it for new fresh wiki installation. Please check the link here under (Warning).

However, I will get it installed to reap the benefits you mentioned.

As the video demonstration of the Content translation Extension page on Youtube (link) shows the titles as: "https://en.site..etc", https://ca.site..etc, my question was whether there are settings to modify this to be: "https://site..cet/en" "https://site..cet/ca" ? Or is the extension just following the setup of the wiki family and produce content accordingly?

Thanks again.

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

If I'm not mistaken, you'll have to define a custom value for ContentTranslationSiteTemplates. See the file extension.json in the ContentTranslation extension source code for this variable's components. @Nikerabbit may have more precise information.

(And yes, we really should document all these configuration variables.)

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

@Atef81 Thanks for asking these questions, they are quite important. As a follow up to your questions, I expanded the documentation at Extension:ContentTranslation a bit. I hope that you find useful.

Even though at the moment we only have time for making ContentTranslation work with Wikipedia, we do hope that it is useful on other sites as well.

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ContentTranslation with Interlanguages from Interwiki links

Ál (talkcontribs)

Hi, I maintain several mediawikis of several languages. Can I use this extension to make easier translate content between them? Or this is only an extension ready to be used just within the same installation? (don't using Interwiki links en.wiki.com/wiki/article using wiki.com/wiki/article/en instead?


Amire80 (talkcontribs)

Thanks a lot for the interest!

It should be possible, and if it isn't, it's a bug.

As our FAQ says, we are developing this extension with Wikipedia in mind, so the default configuration definitely has a bias towards Wikipedia itself and sites with a similar configuration. However, most of it is just a MediaWiki extension, so it should work with careful configuration.

If you get stuck, please ask here or report a bug in Phabricator.

Ál (talkcontribs)

I was searching a lot in Meta and in Mediawiki.org about how Wikimedia foundation does it in Wikipedia.org and there's not a clear information! It is a wiki familiy or what? Thanks if you know it.

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Amire80 (talkcontribs)

Yes, ContentTranslation is definitely oriented at wiki families, with domains in the form of LANGUAGE_CODE.DOMAIN.TLD (this is configurable), and we pretty much assume that CentralAuth is used for usernames (by its nature ContentTranslation is cross-project, so the usernames should be cross-project as well, and if you aren't using CentralAuth, we don't know how will user accounts behave - we never tested it).

I suggest trying to install it and see what breaks ;)

Bugs and patches are seriously welcome - in practice we are working exclusively on Wikipedia integration.

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