GapFinder is a set of tools designed to find and provide methods to fill content coverage gaps in Wikipedia. It is being actively developed in order to more flexibly test recommendation algorithms' impacts on content creation and gather further feedback from users about the service.

A screenshot from the beta version of GapFinder.

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The experimental tool is hosted on Wikimedia Cloud VPS. Information collected when you visit this site, and through your use of the tool, is governed by this privacy statement (not the main Wikimedia Privacy Policy).

You can access the beta version of the tool at The alpha version is available at

Feedback is welcome at the talk page. Feature requests and bug reports can also be submitted through Phabricator.

Purpose edit

Each day, thousands of volunteer editors are filling knowledge gaps by creating new Wikipedia articles, translating existing ones, and identifying poorly covered topics in any given language. However, discovering and deciding what to edit can be a daunting task, both for editors who are new to Wikipedia and for more-seasoned ones.

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GapFinder is a set of tools to provide personalized recommendations of tasks to editors. Editors are able to provide a seed article to the tool in order to get recommendations that are similar to their interests.

Gap types edit

GapFinder/Translation edit

Recommend articles for creation that exist in one language but are missing in another.

GapFinder/Missing Sections edit

Recommend sections to add to existing articles. These recommendations are in an experimental state, as the research project is ongoing. They can be explored using the alpha version of GapFinder.

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