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User rights and user groups form the backbone of MediaWiki's user permissions system.

User rights give you permission to do certain tasks – for example, the edit right allows you to edit unprotected pages, and the delete right allows you to delete pages. User rights are bundled into user groups, which correspond to the various roles on the wiki – for example, 사용자, 관리자, and 봇.

All users on a wiki belong to the "사용자" group by default. Privileged users (normally bureaucrats) may assign users to one or more additional user groups.

내 위키의 사용자 권한 및 그룹

By default, MediaWiki wikis come with six user groups:

  • (모두) – applies to every visitor to your site, including those who do not log in
  • 사용자 – applies to all logged-in users
  • 자동 인증된 사용자 – applies to all logged-in users who meet certain thresholds
  • – can be assigned to bots, in order to allow users to hide bot edits from recent changes or watchlists
  • 관리자 – can be assigned to trusted users, giving them permission to perform key administrative tasks such as deletion, user blocking, page protection, and editing the interface
  • 사무관 – can be assigned to trusted users, giving them permission to assign/revoke user groups

The first three groups are "implicit" groups, which are assigned to users automatically as required. Only the last three groups can be manually assigned or revoked.

The Special:ListGroupRights special page lists the user groups that exist on a wiki, and lists the rights that are assigned to those groups.

내 사용자 그룹 확인

To check which user groups your account belongs to, do one of the following:

  • Visit your Preferences page (Special:Preferences) and look next to "소속 그룹:".
  • Go to Special:ListUsers, enter your user name in the box, and click "보기".
  • MW 1.29+ Go to Special:UserRights, enter your user name in the box, click "사용자 그룹 불러오기", and view the groups you belong to.

The latter two techniques can also be used to view the user groups of other users.

Modifying the way user rights and groups are set up

To create new user groups or change the rights that are assigned to a group, it is necessary to change the wiki's configuration, which can only be done by server administrators. Contact your site's server administrator for more information, or visit 매뉴얼:유저 권한 .

Assigning and revoking user groups

Adding and removing user groups is done using the Special:UserRights special page.

For regular users, Special:UserRights is read-only.

If you would like to join a new group or leave one you are already in, contact a bureaucrat on your wiki. A list of bureaucrats can be found at Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat.

You will be able to assign or revoke user groups when at least one of the following applies:

  • You belong to a user group with the userrights right. This right is assigned to bureaucrats on most wikis.
  • You belong to a user group that is specifically allowed to add and/or remove a specific set of user groups.
  • You are viewing Special:UserRights for your own account, and you belong to a user group that has permission to assign user groups to your own account only.

See the page Manual:Setting user groups in MediaWiki for further details.

User group expiry

미디어위키 버전: 1.29

A user may be assigned to a user group for a limited duration. This can be done by selecting a duration from the "기한:" drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can select "다른 시간:" and enter your own time period in the box. Relative periods like "10 weeks", as well as absolute dates or times like "2020-12-31", are accepted.

When the expiry time arrives, the user is no longer considered to be a member of that group. No log entry is written at that time, similar to what happens when a user's block or a page's protection expires.

If you have permission to add a certain user group, but not to remove it, you may only move that group's expiry time further into the future (that is, lengthen the user's membership of that group). This is to prevent the circumvention of restrictions on removing groups by changing the expiry to (say) 1 second. When this restriction exists, the "#" symbol appears next to the name of the user group.

이 사용자의 권한을 바꿀 수 있습니다.

  • 사용자는 체크 표시가 있는 권한을 갖습니다.
  • 사용자는 체크 표시가 없는 권한을 갖지 않습니다.
  • * 표시는 권한을 주거나 거두는 것 중 하나만 할 수 있다는 뜻입니다.
  • # 표시는 사용자 권한의 만료일을 늦출 수만 있다는 뜻입니다; 만료일을 앞당길 수는 없습니다.

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