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Thaur's five types o links in MediaWiki:

  1. Internal links til ither pages in the wiki
  2. Ootby links til ither wabsteids
  3. Ootby links til internal pages in the wiki
  4. Interwiki links til ither wabsteids registert til the wiki in advance
  5. Interleid links til ither wabsteids registert aes ither leid versions o the wiki

Please note that this list does not include category links and file links, which are used to place pages into categories and display images or other media files, respectively.


Internal links

Tae add aen internal link, enclaise the name o the page that ye want tae link til in dooble square brackets. Whan ye hain the page, ye'll see the new link pointin til yer page. Gif the page awreadie exeests it is displeyed in blue, gif it disna, in reid. Sellinks til the nou page arna transformed intil URLs bit ar displeyed in baud. (Gif ye reallie want tae link til the nou page, uise aen ancher (see ablo), or [[#top|nou page]], this aye links til the tap.)

To markup any arbitrary string of text (not necessarily a page title) as a link, use a "vertical bar" or "pipe" character, like this: [[Help:Categories|category links]] results in the link category links.

The first letter o the tairget page is autæmateeclie capitalised, onless itherwise set bi the admeens, n spaces ar represented aes unnerscores (typin aen unnerscore in the link will hae ae siclike effect aes typin ae space, bit isna recommendit, aes the unnerscore will be shawn in the tex ava).

If the page title you are linking to is that of the page you are editing, the result is not a hyperlink at all but simply bold text (for example, on this page the markup [[Help:Links/sco]] gives the result Help:Links/sco). If you're trying to create a wikilink to the current page, you probably want to link to a specific section or to an anchor within the page; see the examples below.

MediaWiki uses the pagelinks database table to keep track of internal wikilinks.

Descreeption Ye type Ye get
Internal link
[[Main Page]]


[[Extension:DynamicPageList (Wikimedia)]]

Main Page


Extension:DynamicPageList (Wikimedia)

Piped link
[[Help:Editing pages|editing help]]

[[Help:Editing pages#Preview|previewing]]

editing help


Pipe trick

[[User:John Doe|]]

[[Extension:DynamicPageList (Wikimedia)|]]

[[Extension:DynamicPageList (third-party)|]]

The pipe trick quicklie maks shorter link tex, but coud be ae swither in circumstances like the DynamicPageList link examples.


John Doe



Waird-endin links, follaein saw cawed "linktrail rules" localised per ilka leid





Follows so-called "linktrail rules" localised per each language.






Avoidin waird-endin links
[[Help]]<nowiki />ful advice

[[wikipedia:GNU General Public License|GPL]]<nowiki />v3

Helpful advice


#REDIRECT [[Main Page]]

See Help:Reguidals ava

  Main Page
Internal link til aen ancher
[[#See also]]

Anchors are provided automatically on section headings and to the top of the page.

#See also
Internal link til aen ancher fae differant tex
[[#See also|different text]]
different text
Settin aen internal link ancher
<div id="Unique anchor name 1">optional text</div>

<span id="Unique anchor name 2">optional text</span>

Rendered block-level and inline, respectively. Doing this would allow for [[#Unique anchor name 1]] on the same page or [[Help:Links/sco#Unique anchor name 1]] on a different page. Omit the "optional text" for an invisible anchor.

optional text

optional text

Setting an anchor in a section heading
==<span id="Alternate Section Title"></span>Section heading==

Note the placement. This must be a "span" tag, not a "div". (Such anchors allow sections to be retitled without breaking incoming links.)

Section heading
Internal link til aen ancher oan anither page
[[Help:Images#Supported media types for images]]
Help:Images#Supported media types for images
Internal link til the nou page's tauk page

See Mageec wairds#Page names ava.

Internal link til ae subpage

Shortcut for [[Help:Links/example|/example]]. See also Help:Subpages.

Internal link til ae subpage wioot the leadin slash

Shortcut for [[Help:Links/example|example]].

Internal link til ae categerie page

See Help:Categeries ava

Internal link til aen eemage or ae file o ither types


this example


Internal link til the uiser's uiser page






Internal link to a specific revision

Revision numbers can be found in each page's edit history. (It is very common to see links to specific revisions implemented as external links because it's easy to cut-and-paste an entire URL to form an external link.)

Internal link to a "diff"


The default (in the first example above) is to show the changes from the previous revision. See also the comments in the previous item.



Ootby links

Tae add aen external link, enclaise the URL follaed bi space n the name o the page that ye want tae link til in single square brackets. Whan ye hain the page, ye'll see the new link pointin til yer page, wi ae triangle icon efter it tae shaw that it wis coded wi single bracket external link syntax, n thus micht lead til anither steid.

Descreeption Ye type Ye get
Ootby link wi differant label
[ MediaWiki]
Nummered ootby link

This is what happens if you omit the link text. Multiple links of this type on the same page are numbered sequentially.

Ootby link

URLs beginning with "http://" and "https://" are automatically linked, even when no brackets are used.
Avoiding auto-linked URLs
Protocol-relative external link
[// Wikipedia]

[// //]

The link will be HTTP or HTTPS depending on the protocol of the page currently being viewed (which could be different for different users). This is only supported inside of square brackets [ ]. Using "//" by itself does not result in a link.



Ootby link til the same host
Ootby link til ither host passin the pagename{{PAGENAMEE}}

See also: URL encoded page names, PAGENAMEE encoding
Mailtil link
[ email me]
email me
Mailtil named wi subject line n bodie
[ info]
Custom URI
[skype:echo123 call me]

Any URI you wish to add needs to be first declared through $wgUrlProtocols . (This example is not enabled on

[skype:echo123 call me]

Ootby links til internal pages

Tae add ae link til ae page oan the same wiki uisin URL speirin boonds, ye micht need tae uise ootby link syntax.

Descreeption Ye type Ye get
Ootby link til the nou page's eedit page
[ Edit this page]

[{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} Edit this page]

See Mageec wairds n Ootby links ava

Edit this page

Edit this page

Ootby link til the nou page's eedit page, n styled tae luik like aen internal link
<span class="plainlinks">[ Edit this page]</span>

The plainlinks class can be uised in cases whaur ye want aen ootby link tae luik like aen internal link, bi suppressin the icon that normallie kiths efter it.

Edit this page

Interwiki links

Interwiki links ar links wi the internal link maurkup til ae wabsteid registerit in advance. Fer example, ye can link til the Sunflower airticle oan bi typin [[wikipedia:Sunflower]], this will ootcome in ae link wikipedia:Sunflower. This is cause is registerit til yer wiki bi defaut wi the prefix o wikipedia. (This link micht na wairk richt gif the admeen o yer wiki haes chynged the settin.) Onlike internal links, interwiki links dinna uise page exeestance detection, sae aen interwiki link will kith aes blue even gif the page disna exeest oan the remote wiki.

Siclike til internal page links, ye can cræft piped links, wi alternate link label, e.g. [[wikipedia:Sunflower|muckle yellae flouer]] is the link muckle yellae flouer n [[wikipedia:Sunflower|]] is the link Sunflower.

Basiclie, interwiki links ar abbreeveeations fer commynlie uised langer external links. Ae fair siclike link coud be cræftit aes [ muckle yellae flouer].

Mair details ar at Manual:Interwiki n Help:Interwiki linkin. See the defaut interwiki prefixes. Tae eedit the interwiki buird oan yer steid, see the Interwiki extension.

Interleid links

Gif yer wiki haes ither leid versions, ye micht fynd “interleid links” in the sidebaur, jist ablo tuilkist in the kist named “in other languages.”

Interleid links behave siclike til interwiki links, except that thay'r leeted in the sidebaur. Tae cræft aen interleid link fae ae page, jist type [[language prefix:pagename]] whaurever ye like in the page; the leid prefix is the prefix speceefied at yer wiki fer the ither leid version (tipiclie the ISO 639-1 leid code).

The purpose of interlanguage links is to link pages on the same topics in different languages. To create an interlanguage link, type [[language prefix:page name]] anywhere in the page (preferably at the bottom, like category links); the language prefix is the prefix specified at your wiki for the other language version (typically the ISO 639-1 language code). The interlanguage link is unilateral, it does not point back from that page in the other language. For that purpose, an equivalent back-link needs to be placed there as well. It does not work like the "Edit links" in the languages section of Wikipedia-language versions. But it can be used across all name spaces, including 'User:' to point to ones other profiles in other languages.

Gif ye want tae get the interleid link tae kith in the content o the page raither than in the sidebaur, ye can add ae colon afore the leid prefix:


Whan ae link is baith interwiki n interleid, the order is wikipedia:en:Sunflower.

For more information, see m:Help:Interwiki linking#Interlanguage links.


An internal wiki link is limited by maximum page title size.

See foreby