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The main byordinair page of the extension, "Special:Translate", in its maist commyn task, "see aw onowerset messages"

The Translate extension enhances MediaWiki wi essential featurs needit tae dae the owersetin wairk. It can be uised tae owerset the content pages, the interface o the wiki n even ither saffware products, aes it's uised at The Owersetin extension comes wi aen easie tae uise owersetin interface n can separate the content structur fae the tex content that needs tae be owerset, shawin yinlie the owersetable tex til the owerseters bi splittin the content intil manageable units. Ilka unit is autæmateeclie trackit fer chynges, n owerseters immediatelie see whit needs updatin oan ae speceefeec page or throochoot the wiki.

The Owerset extension is uised tae owerset the uiser interface o MediaWiki n ither saffware waurks at bi hunners o owerseters ilka month. At it's uised tae oewrset awmaist ae thoosand content pages wi uiser documentation. It's easie tae stairt uisin the owerset extension, bit at the same time it scales up n provides advanced reportin aes weel, luikin ower n wairkflaw featurs.


The owersetin eediter: ae message wi ae tip (na veesible in eemage) n suggestions fae twa helpin leids

Interface: The main featur o the the owerset extension is ae simple yet functional owersetin interface. Forby the necessar information lik message defineetion n documentation, ye can see owersets in ither leids aes weel. Gif ae definition haes chynged, ye'll see the chynges. The extension comes wi some biggit-in chacks, that can help wi the common mistaks lik onbalancet brackets n onuised variables. Dependin oan the confeeguration, forby thaur's suggestions fae the owersetin myndin n machine owersetin services lik thae o Google Translate, Microsoft's Bing Translator n Apertium.

The uissabeelitie o the owersetin interface is enhanced wi the JavaScript n AJAX. The backend provides the WebAPIs that can be uised in mobile interfaces or interfaces tailerit til speceefic kynds o content. Forby, it's possible to export messages fer owersetin in ither aff-line n oan-line tuils that accept the Gettext po file format.

Message groops n tasks: Monie o the featurs ar biggit roond twa baseec concepts: message groops n tasks.

Ae message groop represents ae collection o messages. The ae content page wid be yin message groop, whaur, in the simplest form, ilka paragraph wid be yin message in that groop. Messages uised in ilka MediaWiki extension form ae message groop oan – ae few o the mucklest extensions hae monie groops. Forby, ye can mak ae groop o groops, lik All newsletters or All Translate extension messages. Monie o the stateestics n the tasks wairk oan the message groop basis.

The tasks, or in ither words differant leetins o messages in ae message groop, faceelitate differant uiss cases. Fer ordinair aen owerseter gets ae leet o aw onowerset messages in ae chosen message groop, bit thaur's tasks whaur ye can luikower messages or jist get ae leet o aw messages, owerset or na.

This byordinair page reports the owersetin status o ilka message groop

Reportin n stateestics: The extension haes extenseeve reportin featurs rangin fae ae view o onowerset messages across aw o the message groops in ae gien leid til leets o owerseters per lie wi thair acteevitie level.

Content owersetin: Gif ye'v ever ettelt tae owerset content in MediaWiki wioot onie tuils, ye ken it disna scale. The owerset versions get oot o date n thaur's nae waa tae track the chynges til the maister page, sae thaur's monie hauf-owerset n ootdatit oewrsets wioot ae clear luikower o the oweraw status. Owerseters aften feel dauntit whan thay canna wairk wi manageable wee peeces o tex. Owerseters dinna fynd whit tae wairk oan or whit needs tae be updatit. Forby, the uisers get confuised bi ootdatit information.

This is aw solved wi the Owerset extension n its page owersetin feature. It eiks ae bit o owerheid til the pages that need owersetin, but the benefits faur ootweicht this. Baseeclie ye yinlie need tae maurk the pairts o the page that need tae be owerset. The extension than splits sic pairts intil paragraph sized units n creauts ae message groop fer thaim. Forby thon the owerseters can uise aw o the featurs descreeved abuin. In addeetion ye can easilie eik ae leid baur wi the ‎<languages /> tag or hae links autæmateeclie gang til the uiser's preferred leid version (yinlie) whan it exeests, bi uisin links o the form [[Special:MyLanguage/Pagename]].

Fer mair information see the tutorial How to set up a content page for translation n the in-depth documentation o the page owersetin featur.

Deveelipers: The extension comes wi biggit-in support fer monie common owersetin file formats, lik Java properties n Gettext po files. It haes aen extenseeve set o tuils, baith in-wiki n oan the commaund line, tae effeecientlie import n export owersetins.

Searching: Without a search feature, it is difficult for translators to find specific messages they want to translate. Traversing all the translations or strings of the project is inefficient. Also, translators often want to check how a specific term was translated in a certain language across the project.

This is solved by the special page Special:SearchTranslations. Translators can find the messages containing certain terms in any language and filter by various criteria: this is the default. After searching, they can switch the results to the translations of said messages, for instance to find the existing, missing or outdated translations of a certain term.

Uiss cases

Ye can owerset awmaist oniething wi the Translate extension. O course, thaur's speecialised tuils fer the owersetin o certain kin kynd o content lik video subtitles, that's better dun wi thae tuils, but in general Translate performs verra weeel wi onie kynd o tex that can be split intil messages wi lenth rangin fae the ae waird up til yin muckle paragraph. Langer messages become onfeerdie tae owerset n ar jist haurder tae wairk wi.

The three main uiss cases that the Translate extension supports ar content owersetin, local interface owersetin n saffware owersetin. Aw o thae ar kivert in the follaein sections, wi links til tutorials n til referance documentation or in-depth topeecal help whaur available. O the three uiss cases the interface owersetin haes been utilised the least.

Content owersetin

The owersetin is ootdatit: ootdatit pairts ar replaced wi new soorce tex n owerseters can reach the messages tae update in ae single clap

Maist wikis have content that thay'd lik tae hae available in monie leids. Whather jist ae wheen or hunners o pages, it disna matter. In order tae stap wastin owerseter's time, pages shid be maurked fer ower yinlie whan thay'r raisonablie stable. Ikla chynge that is dun efterwairds can affect tens or hunners o auld Owersets, n the time needit tae update thaim adds up. pairteeculair wi volunteer owerseters, ye shid be aware o this aspect, n respect the time that thay spend daein the owersets n updates, avoidin onnecessair wairk. Gif ye uise the Translate extension tae owerset pages, than ye'r awreadie weel oan yer waa til uisin the owerseter time available in the maist effecteeve n effeecient waa.

The waa that the Translate extension splits ae page up intil paragraph sized units disna lea ower muckle freedom fer the owerseters tae chynge the content. This is fer ordinair ae guid thing n is ideal whaur continuitie n conseestancie o content across leids is ettelt fer. It can be wairkt aroond, but in preenciple this waa o owersetin isna generallie suitable, fer example, fer Wikipædia airticles, that ar fer ordinair compleatlie freestaundin o yin anither. Even gif thay oreeginlie stairt aes aen owerset fae ae differant leid, fer ordinair thay begin leevin thair ain feestaunin life fae the oreeginal version. Wi Translate, the oreeginal page is aye the main version, n new content canna be deveelipt in owerset versions.

Wi thir leemits in mynd thaur's still ae feck o cases whaur this featur is ae perfect match. Maist, gif na aw, uiser documentation faws intil this categerie aes weel aes news-lik content that disna chynge yince wrutten. Gif ye awreadie hae the Translate extension installed n access richts confeegurit, gie creautin ae page n wrappin the hale tex inside <languages /><translate>...</translate> ae shot n follae the links, or follae the tutorial Hou tae upridd ae page fer owersetin.

Groups of pages can be further aggregated together with the Special:AggregateGroups page.

Local interface owersetin in monieleidic wikis

Yin thing awmaist ilka wiki haes customised is the sidebaur. It's possible tae creaut ae message groop fer the custom sidebaur messages n fer ither local interface customisations aes weel.

Yin interestin expansion is the monieleidic pages or templates built wi the {{int:}} magic word. The main page n some Wikimedia Commons templates ar guid examples o this. The magic word {{int:}} is aen alternateeve til the content owersetin featur n it's mair suitable tae maurk-up heavie pages jist lik the main page. Anither nice featur is that the leid o the page autæmaticie follaes the uiser interface leid, sae thaur's nae need o ae leid baur, altho ye micht want tae hae aen interface leid selecter insteid.

Settin this up is ae bit mair compleecatit than content owersetin the nou n needs saffware confeeguration, but it's aw coverit in the tutorial Hou tae mak aen interface message groop.

Saffware owersetin

The Translate extension is ae guid fit fer owersetin saffware interface messages. At, it's uised tae owerset tens o saffware products fae games til wab appleecations. The Translate extension supports readin n updatin owersets fae n til common formats that ar uised in wab deveelipmant incluidin Java properties, Gettext n Yaml files.

Chynge trackin is available fer ootby trackid files aes weel, cause internallie the extension uises ae cached dereevative version o the localisation files whaur the soorce tex n its owersets ar stored, insteid o uisin thaim directlie in thair oreeginal format. Owersetin admeenistraters can eether uise the wab interface or ae commaund line interface tae check new message defineetions n "fuzzy" (request update o) owersets whan thay need tae be updatit. This wairks regairdless o the unnerliein file format or version control seestem (gif onie).

Wi semple commaund line tuils, Owerset admeenistraters can easilie import even ae muckle set o exeestin owersets n wi jist yin commaund thay can export aw o the owersets in the richt format n in the richt directerie structur. Ye can export directlie til yer VCS repositrie checkoot, whaur ye can easilie commit chynges n new files.

Forder readin n instruction

Fer owerseters n owerset admeenistraters

Slides of a workshop about how to use Extension:Translate at Wikimania17.

Fer owersetin admeenistraters

Referance documents fer develipers