The search translations special page, "Special:SearchTranslations", with the query "install the wiki*" to find all the translations in "English" and under "MediaWiki" group.

Special:SearchTranslations can be used to reach messages you need.

On, large data sets are searched across multiple languages. Translators can search in a wiki's source language and get results in their language.

Filters and translations


The results themselves are categorized into four columns: message content matches, translated matches, messages which need translations and outdated translations respectively. The left panel allows users to narrow down search results based on language and group filters. A limit is set to not get all the results at once to avoid excessive resource usage and navigate through the next set of messages using Previous and Next button at the bottom of the tool.

Precise searches


You may tick the checkbox to make your search case sensitive.

You can put '*', the wildcard character, at the end of the string that can always finish words for you and will give you the results of the search term before it. For instance, if you can remember only a part of terms, type what you can remember and add the * at the end.

You cannot use the wildcard searches in the middle of a term (e.g. Wiki* or Wiki*edia gives you the same results).

As a translator, you may also already know about the message key which you can reach with a single click.

Normally, the search returns translations that match any of the search terms. If the search returns many results, then it provide a notice for the users as an option to perform a search for messages that have all terms.