Google Summer of Code/2014

Wikimedia served a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code in 2014.

See also the parallel program FOSS Outreach Program for Women/Round 8.



For more detail, check the official timeline.

  • 24 February: List of accepted mentoring organizations published
  • 11 March: Wikimedia IRC meeting (logs)
  • 21 March: Student application deadline
  • 9 April: Slot allocations published to mentoring organizations
  • 21 April: Accepted student proposals announced
  • 19 May: Official start.
  • 20 May: GSoC & OPW IRC meeting (logs)
  • 23-27 June: Mid term evaluations by students and mentors.
  • 18 August: Firm 'pencils down' date.
  • 19 August: GSoC & FOSS OPW wrap-up meeting on IRC; #wikimedia-office @ 3pm UTC (logs)
  • 18-22 August: Final evaluations by students, mentors, and organization administrators.
  • 22 August: Final evaluation deadline
  • 25 & 26 October: Mentor Summit at Google



Reporting progress is essential in free software projects. Good reports are concise, they highlight relevant progress/blockers, and they link to bug reports, patches, or other interesting pages.

Participants are required to share Updates about their projects:

  • initial announcement on Wikitech-l
  • initial microtasks completed
  • community bonding report by 25 May including links to
    • goals for the first half of the internship
    • communication plan
    • lessons learned since 21 April
  • first weekly report by 30 May
  • project wrap-up post by 20 August

See also:

GSoC participants

Name Location Updates Project Mentor(s) #Bug
Pratik Lahoti Pune, India Tools for mass migration of legacy translated wiki content Niklas Laxström, Federico Leva 46645
Jatin Mehta Allahabad, India Switching Semantic Forms autocompletion to Select2 Yaron Koren, Stephan Gambke 61974
Amanpreet Singh Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India Annotation tool that extracts information and feed it on wikidata Cristian Consonni, Andrea Zanni, Simone Fonda, Christian Morbidoni, Luca Martinelli [4],57812
Tony Thomas Kerala, India Add proper email bounce handling to MediaWiki (with VERP) Jeff Green,Kunal Mehta 46640
Rohit Dua New Delhi, India (Automation Tool) Google Books > Internet Archive > Commons upload cycle Aubrey, Yann, Tpt 57813
Aaron Xiao Beijing, China UniversalLanguageSelector fonts for Chinese wikis Liangent, DChan_(WMF) bug 31791 bug 63122
Aditya Chaturvedi Allahabad, India Catalogue for MediaWiki extensions Markus Glaser, Mark Hershberger 46704
Wen-Chien Chen Taipei, Taiwan MassMessage page input list improvements Legoktm, Prtksxna bug 61255
Deepali Jain Roorkee, India
  • Wikitech-l annoucement(student):   Done
  • Two mentors:   Done
  • Microtasks(student):   Done
  • Bonding (student):  Done
  • May report (student):  Done
  • Mid-term evaluations (mentors & student):  Done
  • June report (student):  Done
  • July report (student):  Done
  • Final evaluation (mentors & student):   Done
  • Final report (student):  Done
  • Code sample to Google (student):  Done
  • Weekly progress report (student)
Book management in Wikibooks/Wikisource Raylton, Tpt 51239, 53286, 52435
kondi India Generic, efficient localisation update service Kartik Mistry 46653
Hardik Juneja India Parsoid-based online-detection of broken wikitext Cscott , Ssastry [5]
Kunal Grover Delhi, India Usability improvements for the Translate extension Robin, Siebrand Mazeland bug 35489, bug 51533, bug 37297 & bug 39415, bug 34098, bug 36298
Jack Phoenix Turku, Finland A modern, scalable and attractive skin for MediaWiki Isarra, Emufarmers TBD
Vikas S Yaligar Surathkal, Karnataka, India Automatic cross-language screenshots for user documentation Amir Aharoni, James Forrester and the Quality Assurance team Bug #62737
Bartosz Dziewoński Kraków, Poland Separating skins from core MediaWiki Jon Robson, Ori Livneh bug 60453, bug 43658
Rillke Germany Chemical Markup support for Wikimedia Commons Gilles Dubuc, Brian Wolff, Bryan Davis bugzilla:16491